Alleged crypto thief Alexander Vinnik sent to the United States

Alexander Vinnik – a Russian citizen who was sentenced a few years ago to five years in a Paris prison for crypto crimes – is It is sent from Greece to the US where he will face trial and possible punishment for his role in a crypto scam that could cost investors millions of dollars.

Finnick is coming to America

Vinnik was accused of various hacking and extortion schemes. He was also accused of running a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency exchange that eventually ended up costing investors all their hard-earned deficit. Additionally, Vinnik has allegedly worked with some of the industry’s most shadowy people from ransom gangs to drug dealers to identity thieves.

In the United States, Vinic will likely face a ruling in a Northern California court, where he faces charges of money laundering and running an unlicensed financial services company within the state.

Vinick’s ordeal lasted for several years. Now in his forties, his extradition to the United States is a huge win for America given the battle the country is likely to have with Russia. No doubt something like this will happen again in the coming weeks Now that Britney Greiner He is being held within Russia’s borders after being sentenced to more than nine years in prison on drug charges.

Vinnik’s lawyer in France, Frederic Bellot, said his client was on a flight from Athens, Greece, to the United States. Upon arrival, he will make his first official court appearance in Northern California. Bilott says Vinick maintains his innocence and hopes the new court system will help clarify the situation and his tarnished reputation.

Vinnik initially found a business many years ago with an expired cryptocurrency exchange known as BTC-e. During his time with the company, it is believed that the Russian citizen may have developed a new type of malware known as “Locky,” which was then used to steal up to $150 million in miscellaneous funds from several digital exchanges around the world. Soon, BTC-e disappeared and went out of business, and Vinnik – while on vacation in Greece – was taken into custody by law enforcement agents.

This is a long and long ordeal

At the time of his arrest, Vinick was wanted in several regions including the United States, France and Russia. France reached him first, tried and eventually sentenced him to five years in prison in December of 2020.

Locky was allegedly delivered via email servers, where it was downloaded by unsuspecting users. Data encrypted with malware and Bitcoin ransom demanded in exchange for access to it. It is believed that as many as 20 separate attacks on Locky occurred between 2016 and 2018. In addition, payments were usually requested through BTC-e, which Vinnik was clearly working on at the time.

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