Animoca Brands earns $110 million from investors

  • The company has funded more than 300 startups, including Web3 and NFT companies.
  • A $359 million deal in January gave it a valuation of more than $5 billion.

Institutional investors Temasek, Boyu Capital and GGV Capital led the recently revealed $110 million investment round for Animoca Brands, a major investor in NFT and companies focused on metaverses.

Although it is subject to terms related to a potential future initial public offering (IPO), a liquidation event (such as a merger or sale), or an equity financing round, the Australian company claims that the fundraising was conducted as a sale of convertible bonds issued at a price Transfer 4.50 Australian dollars (just over 3.00 US dollars).

Focus on the Web3 sector and NFT

Besides new investors, existing investors Mirae Asset Management and True Global Ventures also contributed to this round. The convertible notes offer Animoca values ​​“similar to the previous funding round.” The $75 million D round was unveiled in July, at which time the company was valued at $5.9 billion.

Crunchbase reports that the company received a total of $775 million over several investment rounds, including a $359 million deal in January that was worth more than $5 billion.

Co-Founder and CEO Yat Seo stated:

“Animoca Brands has grown exponentially as a company in the past year, and our new investors will contribute strategic advice and perspectives as we build the world’s leading digital equity firm in the Web3 industry.”

According to a recent Bloomberg article, the company has funded more than 300 startups, including some successful Web3 and NFT companies such as the NBA Top Shot and Flow Blockchain Inventor. Dabur Labstop NFT market open seaand developer of Axie Infinity Sky Mavis games.

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