ApeCoin (APE) Community Plans Separate NFT Market

  • Earlier, Magic Eden, NFT Marketplace, suggested building the ApeCoinDAO marketplace.
  • The DAO will not bear the burden of the reduced transaction fee of 0.75%.

There are now three voting proposals in the ApeCoin community that would create an NFT marketplace dedicated to APE. Earlier, the NFT . market magic of eden Suggest building ApeCoinDAO marketplace for ApeCoin In order to reduce transaction costs, improve user experience, and expand the usefulness of APE.

“AIP 93: A Marketplace for Apes, Designed by Apes, Created by Magic Eden – Brand Decision” will be presented to Solana’s NFT Magic Eden Marketplace voting September 16-22.

The magic of Eden is rejected

ApeCoin (APE) holders will be able to trade ApeCoinDAO NFTs as Pikeand MAYC, BAKC and Otherdeeds in the proposed ApeCoinDAO marketplace. The DAO will not bear the burden of the reduced transaction fee of 0.75%.

Overall, ApeCoin users decided that they did not want Magic Eden to create an NFT marketplace. The idea was rejected by 85% of users and given a total of 99 thousand monkeys. However, positive votes totaling nearly 15% have earned the proposal $17,000 in APE. As a result, this shows that people are generally against the plan.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding “AIP-98: ApeCoin DAO Community First Market Proposal – Brand Decision” by Snag Solutions. In addition, 99.73% of voters support the initiative, while only 0.27% oppose it. The cost savings compared to the Magic Eden plan is 50%.

In addition, from September 16 to 22, the ApeCoin community will vote on “AIP-87: NFT + IP Marketplace / Yuga Labs + Other NFT Partner Groups – Ecosystem Fund Allocation.” The proposed market for the proposal will include NFT groups from Yuga Labs and Otherside Partners.

Developers want to integrate intellectual property features with NFTs, and they have already created a marketplace ( There were 56.66 percent of those who voted “no” to the plan, while 43.34 percent voted “yes.”

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