Arker: The Legend of Ohm will welcome players into a complete game

Leaves, is an online game that will put you in the role of controlling a hero with his pet in order to regain control of the kingdom of Om. Skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets and incredible PVP / PVE content will make your stay in Om unforgettable. Furthermore, Arker also revealed the much-anticipated 3D release with Triple-A graphics based on Unreal Engine 5, a major development slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Arker: The Legend of Ohm mechanics are based exclusively on strategy:

Your character will get four attacks, and a set amount of energy to attack with. This means that you will have to carefully plan your attacks for each battle, taking into account the abilities of your enemies, how much energy they have left, what attacks you can repel, etc. Carefully plan your attacks and reduce your opponent’s health to zero before he does the same to you!

On top of all that, the Ohm world has its own currency that you can use to buy and sell items with other players, or save and exchange them for your company’s cryptocurrency, whose value and transactions are managed using Blockchain. Step into the world of Ohm and see if you can get an ARKER!

What are blockchain games?

The gaming industry is always hungry, and with blockchain by its side, we can only see the turmoil. From ownership to royalties, from finding rare items to obtaining trinkets, the three billion players around the world are preparing to take greater advantage of this technology capable of addressing many pain points. So, what are blockchain games?

Blockchain games rely on blockchain technology to ensure that everyone has a copy of what they are playing, not just one entity. To achieve this, we will need a smart contract that governs actions on the blockchain. Blockchain games use the same technology as cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, to create real ownership of the items. It is seen as a boon by players who often stumble upon in-game entities.

3D games are the future

3D games are interactive computer entertainment presented graphically in the three dimensions of height, width, and depth; Adding depth to 2D games made it possible to explore virtual worlds with a more realistic representation.

The first true 3D games were developed from wireframe models. 3D models, which have no shading, are made of vertices and lines and can be seen through them. Elite was the first of this new generation of video games, back in 1984. 16-color shaded polygons arrived with Bethesda’s Terminator in 1990. The game’s graphics were visually inferior to competing 2D graphics at the time. However, the 3D rendering propelled the current machines – 286 – and 386 computers – and was thus a remarkable achievement within their limits.

Restore the kingdom of Om

According to the team, the release of the 3D version is just an extension of the 2D version, as they promise to continue working and keep the latest version.

“We have to stress the point that we are not ignoring the current 2D release or players’ progress in it,” the statement read. “We also have to make it clear that the 3D version we’re working on for this year is an alpha version, where the game will be tested in a controlled manner.”

The 3D version will allow cross-play across blockchains, allowing all players regardless of which platform they are using, to play a multiplayer game online. Versions will be pluggable, so that 2D players can follow their progress in the 3D world and vice versa.

Earn rewards in Arker

As a gaming network, Arker provides various ways to earn rewards through gameplay. One way to earn rewards is to fight other players and earn FoA tokens.

The network provides daily missions where players earn a free FoA token. This daily mission involves the player against the AI ​​of the network. Every online player can participate every day by logging into the account and completing tasks.

In addition, players can play a game of ten people (Guild War). In these guild wars, the person with the highest score gets token rewards. Thus, the Guild War option offers more rewards.

Moreover, the network has a PvE option where users collect items to sell in the marketplace. Among the collectibles are runes, summoning scrolls, skins, as well as FoA tokens. Some runes will help improve the stats of the characters.
About Arker

Leaves Launched in 2018 as an innovative blockchain company before rebranding to Arker Labs, the team developed the first blockchain gaming title, Arker: The Legend of Ohm. Since its launch, the 2D game has seen a lot of adoption, with about 8,000 daily active users and about 1 million games being played.

Arker Labs is an international company headquartered in several geographies including Spain, Andorra and Estonia. The Legend of Ohm has become an official product of the Estonian company ArkerLabs OÜ, from which IDO is produced.

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