Asset management firm Invesco launches $30 million Metaverse Fund

  • The Metaverse Fund was founded in Luxembourg and has a value of approximately $30 million.
  • Other areas of investment will include augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) platforms.

Invesco, a global asset management organization, has started a fund to invest in Metaverse. A representative of Invesco said the company’s Metaverse fund was set up in Luxembourg and is worth about $30 million.

The fund includes “many distinct and interconnected sectors that help facilitate, create or benefit from the growth of immersive virtual worlds,” including companies large and small.

Tony RobertsMD, the fund manager, predicted that the interconnectedness of the Metaverse “has the potential to have a transformative effect across industries as diverse as healthcare, logistics, education and sports,” referring to a December 2020 PWC report that estimates that virtual and augmented reality could add $1.5 trillion to the global economy. .

Investing in key areas

Next-generation computer and operating systems, hardware and tools that enable access to the Metaverse, and hyperconnection networks are just some of the seven core thematic areas in which Invesco Metaverse Fund will invest.

Other areas of investment will include augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) platforms designed with artificial intelligence, blockchain solutions and exchange tools needed to achieve interoperability of systems, services and assets that will enhance the digitization of the real economy.

Although the company hasn’t disclosed the specific companies that make up the Invesco Metaverse Fund portfolio “yet,” it does include companies from the United States, Asia, Japan and Europe. An Invesco spokeswoman said the fund’s management fee would be 0.75%, and that the fund’s performance would be benchmarked against the MSCI AC World (net total return) benchmark.

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