Beat inflation and drive the bear away with OneRing’s Cross-chain Yield Optimizer

Things look difficult now. It seemed that the battle for the actual land had just begun. Macroeconomic headwinds dealt serious physical blows to the stimulus-led economy that has forced governments around the world to pile more debt on their balance sheets in an effort to stave off impending disaster.

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, structural and systemic issues with the availability and use of cheap credit and dependence on fossil fuels are finally beginning to show their impact on economies around the world. Here inflation is in effect, and the result is that savings are dwindling. Banks, long a big teat of government, offer simply laughable savings rates. Inflation at 10%, savings pay 0.5% at Tradfi. Mathematics is harsh.

How DeFi Helps Savers Beat Inflation

DeFi offers returns that far outstrip traditional savings tools. The legendary efficiency of the blockchain combined with the wonders of unlicensed funding has led DeFi dealers to generate returns that far outpace inflation. Yes, there are some protocols (usually those using ponzinomics) that scream about 200%+ APYs, but they should be avoided or at least heavily scrutinized.

However, structurally sound DeFi protocols still offer well over 10%. More than just inflation, much more than the bank savings rate. Even highly secure, risk-free protocols and pools offer %APY before what TradFi can do. The smart money is in the DeFi stablecoin right now, outperforming the bear market in ways that are sustainable and sustainable.

OneRing helps make DeFi easy

So far – where do we start? It’s a question that plagues many new DeFi investors. How can you be sure that your money is really safe? More importantly, how do you get returns that outperform the market without having to do the hard work? This is where OneRing comes in.

OneRing is a cross-chain yield optimizer that gives you advanced DeFi returns without any hard work. You just have to deposit a stablecoin in OneRing i.e. a stablecoin, and install it in OneRing vault, the vault does the hard work for you by searching different chains for the best farming strategies and running your stablecoins. The returns are impressive, with the yield on Solana beta – for example – Currently at 30% after, after Protocol Fee. This protocol fee can be reduced by staking $RING, which increases the return.

Bigger rewards will be given in upcoming EVM beta release, Which launches on August 31. Up to 149% is offered for those who deposit early. The The audit is now fully completed The new tool is ready to be replaced by DeFi earth.

The difficulty of cultivating yield

Certainly, it may be possible to achieve a greater return than that by operating your own farming strategy. However, the time and knowledge required to achieve this is beyond the capabilities of most everyday crypto users. In addition, it is tedious to constantly switch currencies across a chain, a bewildering attempt to keep up with recent market movements, and if you are away for a few weeks – perhaps getting distracted – and something changes within the market, a carefully designed DeFi investment plan can be in tatters, or What’s worse.

OneRing has no such complexity attached. Once your stables trade for $1 (which is your stable deposit in your currency), you simply bet $1 in the vault and the payout starts to accumulate. At any time, with a 24 hour refund period, you can redeem 1 USD and return it to your desired stablecoin. They set and forget the strategy. Unlike other farms, it has automated vehicles as well, as APRs are easily converted into APYs and ensure that you get the most out of your money.

$ RING Token and Chain Integration for OneRing

RING makers will benefit from $RING, in addition to the reduction in protocol fees, as well as the value collected from the vault, as the fees collected from the service will be used primarily to buy back RING in US dollars, thus boosting the price of the token for stakes and owners. RING is also a governance token, where owners can vote on the future direction of the protocol, including which pools and new protocols they want to share the vault with.

OneRing is currently available on Polygon, and Fantom will be launching soon. Optimism, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche are all in the works. Soon all DeFi will be mapped by OneRing. Once that’s done, OneRing can provide a cross-chain yield enhancer that can really connect them all, no matter how dark. The bear market may be here, but the best is still being built. OneRing will help everyone, from the smallest hobbit to the largest dragon, find them.

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