Best Cryptocurrency Mobile Trading Apps in 2022

The fast-moving cryptocurrency industry has led to the development of innovative cryptocurrency trading apps, with the ability to buy, sell and trade apps with one click.

For some people, digital assets provide a way to earn passive income, while others see cryptocurrency as an investment asset. With stories of huge returns for lucky investors, the crypto industry has seen massive influxes of new investors since 2019.

There is a growing demand for greater efficiency and accessibility to the trading markets, which has led to crypto companies developing high quality, interactive mobile applications. Advances in security technology have allowed cryptocurrency traders to trust applications and use them as a primary outlet for accessing digital markets.

The best applications will allow users to deposit and withdraw funds easily, perform transactions with low fees, access a wide range of digital currencies, storage, mining, and many other trading products.

We have reviewed all the best mobile cryptocurrency trading apps below. Let’s dive in.

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KuCoin mobile app

KuCoin offers over 600 cryptocurrencies and tokens, and stands as the exchange with a wide range of investment options among all the top-tier central exchanges. KuCoin is touted as an exchange for investors looking for that hidden gem of a project.

The exchange offers an innovative mobile app for iOS and Android, where customers can access the markets on the go. The KuCoin . Fee The structure is excellent and it is one of the main attractions for investors.

Customers can buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency through various payment methods or transfer cryptocurrency directly to their account. With over 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store, the KuCoin mobile app is the best and worth checking out.

BlockFi Mobile App

BlockFi provides wealth management for crypto assets. It features an excellent earning program, allowing clients to earn up to 10% APY in crypto benefits. What makes it unique is that clients can earn the currencies they invest in instead of paying in the local currency of the exchange as we see elsewhere.

Users can access the markets via the desktop platform or through the company’s unique mobile trading application, which can be adapted to the iOS and Android operating systems. The app is divided into two parts, BlockFi Wallet Investment Account and BlockFi, allowing clients to segregate their funds.

BlockFi does not charge exchange fees, except for withdrawal fees. However, it should be noted that customers are allowed one free withdrawal per month.

Coinbase mobile app

Coinbase is one of the biggest names in crypto, having built an empire on the back of several high-profile sponsorship deals, especially in the US. The company is registered and licensed to offer crypto features and products, investment, trading and more.

The company has exceptionally high fees compared to other major crypto-central providers. The exchange supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens, all available through the easy-to-use Coinbase mobile app.

Apple and Android device users can access a variety of cryptocurrencies, including majors such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Elrond Egold (EGLD). The company also has a simplified flat rate fee structure, which is less complicated to understand and often suits newcomer investors.

Bybit Mobile App

Bybit logo on the phone screen

Bybit is an advanced trading platform that provides access to the markets through a smart and intuitive mobile trading application, which works by providing the best available rate with competitive market liquidity. Clients will have access to real-time market data, backed by competitive market depth and liquidity.

The exchange is known for its high levels of security. Bybit works by storing customer funds offline, in cold storage, ensuring that any vulnerabilities in the system will not be too harmful to the company’s profile.

The mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices and is suitable for both newcomers and seasoned traders. The platform does not support as many coins as the others on our list, with only 59. But among these are the most popular digital assets.

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