BIB Token passes smart contract audit by Armors Labs

The usability of cryptocurrencies is increasing despite the market challenges of the past few months; Several projects have come up with new use cases in NFT, DAO, and DeFi. Despite this development, the cryptocurrency market has recently suffered many hacks, which is scary because no investor will want to invest in technology and lose their money to hackers.

Cryptocurrency investors lost $2 billion due to the hack in 2022. This number is expected to grow rapidly as cryptocurrency investors have lost more money in the past few months than at the beginning of the year. Blockchain companies must address security issues if cryptocurrency adoption is to grow in the next few years.

Companies are working on ways to protect users’ investments from hacking; One of the companies working on it is BIB . exchange. The company understands that tokens must be secure despite the many features that enable users to profit from DEX and CEX, capital gains from asset growth, NFT minting, and virtual entertainment facilities.

Auditing is one way companies that rely on cryptocurrency can ensure that hackers will not discover a vulnerability in the tokens in front of them. BIB exchange token contracts recently passed the scrutiny of one of the most trusted blockchain security companies, Armors Labs. Armors Labs tested the BIB token smart contract for common vulnerabilities such as denial of service, block timestamp handling, and short address attacks.

Contracts are passed as hassle-free by the Armors Labs team and are safe for users to deposit, stake and exchange. Armors Labs Audit is a one-way exchange that secures the funds of its users.

The company has also used other measures to ensure that users’ funds can be safe. One way is for all users to go through an extra layer of security before they can withdraw their funds which ensures that hackers who gain access to their control panel cannot withdraw the funds. The company also ensures that all users have 24/7 support on Telegram, where they can report suspicious activity, which will be reviewed by their security team.

BIB Exchange has also employed the best security team that constantly monitors the network to ensure that users’ funds are secured. The company is also aware of attacks such as social engineering where hackers can obtain their information by pretending to be BIB support agents. The company has moved to prevent such attacks by educating users on best practices for securing their wallets. They provide educational tools to empower them with best practices for securing their portfolios.

The BIB token is issued by the BIB exchange, which trades under the BIB symbol. The company first issued the token during the launch of the ICO on the BSC network. The many advantages of BIB tokens include holding BIB in CEX and DEX wallets, delegating to the node while retaining the token dividend.

BIB also offers several use cases, including the NFT minting for entertainment purposes, which allows for storage, which means $BIB can enjoy dividends in BUSD. $BIB$ holders can also mine tokens through authorization, and an important advantage is that $BIB holders can participate in GameFi in the BIB Meta ecosystem.

The BIB is great because, apart from ensuring that users’ funds are safe from hackers, it also ensures that investors benefit from holding and storing the tokens. Today is the best time to invest in the future of cryptocurrency by buying BIB . tokens.

BIB smart contract address: 0x9dA2E2a429A8233f683AE0b7414862f390C7eE9C

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