Binance Drives $22 Million Mixed Trades Into confusion?

  • Binance accidentally gave users $20 million in cryptocurrency.
  • Binance has mixed the two tokens HNT and Mobile into one.

Binance accidentally gave users $20 million in cryptocurrency. The company obfuscates two codes associated with the same project due to an error. Binance, the world’s largest trading platform, recently made an accounting error, according to those familiar with the matter, in which the US branch of the exchange mistakenly transferred $22 million in crypto assets to four users.

It appears that Binance has mixed two currencies related to the same decentralized internet project: helium. The concept includes two tokens: HNT and Mobile. Due to the crash, the platform combines two tokens into one.

Binance conversion error:

Instead of a mobile phone token, users received an HNT token. Binance sent 1 HNT to each user who deposited a mobile token. Users got a total of 4.8 million users without any justification. And the values ​​of these two symbols are completely opposite. For example, HNT is currently trading at $4.81, while the mobile token has no price yet. The mobile token was recently released, and the token holders recently received millions in their Binance accounts, which is amazing.