Binance US Exchange Lists Astar Network’s ASTR Token

Binance US is now offering the trading of the Astar Network’s native token, which will allow users to use the network’s multi-chain smart contract platform in the future. Before the market opens on September 14 at the same time as ASTR deposits, the regulated US exchange will accept ASTR deposits, one day in advance, starting September 13 at 8:00 EST.

The ASTR listing will introduce the Astar Network to investors in the United States and will aim to expand the network’s smart contract ecosystem to users around the world. In addition, it will stimulate increased liquidity in the ASTR markets. When trading begins at 8:00 AM EST on Binance US, the token will be available for purchase with USD and USDT.

Founder and CEO of Astar Network Sota Watanabe said:

“We are very excited to officially enter the US market through Binance US. Since closing the last funding round, led by US investors like Polychain and Coinbase, entering the US market has been a top priority. Astar already has a strong presence in Asia, especially Japan, and we now have an opportunity to follow suit. In the United States with our local team.”

Astar is increasing its dominance in the Asian market with its expansion into the United States. In a recent survey conducted by the most influential blockchain group in Japan, Astar ranked first, indicating widespread support for the project in the country. According to a survey conducted by the Japan Blockchain Association, Astar is the best blockchain platform currently available, outperforming Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche.

Web3 is being adopted by some of the most technologically advanced Asian countries, which could lead to a new economic boom. Sota Watanabe recently toured Japan, where he met with local officials to explore potential uses for Web3 technology. GMO, one of Japan’s major Internet companies, and Dentsu, the country’s largest advertising agency, both hired him as a consultant.

Like Japan, the US has a highly regulated cryptocurrency market, which requires exchanges to offer only tokens that meet strict criteria. The US exchange Binance supports only a small subset of the tokens listed on the international market. Now that Binance US has supported the trading of the ASTR token, that milestone has been reached.

Only assets that address actual issues, are based on trustworthy and scalable technology, and have been approved by Binance US’s Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, are the only assets the exchange will list. As of now, there are just over a hundred assets on the market that meet the requirements. When ASTR is listed on Binance US, it will be the first asset from the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems to do so.

Astar has been linked to the Moonbeam Network as part of its efforts to promote blockchain interoperability. Because of this integration, WASM projects will be able to take off, and developers will be inspired to build innovative applications for Astar that use Polkadot’s powerful XCM format.

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