Built with Bitcoin Establishes New School in Kenya

A non-profit organization known as the Built with Bitcoin Foundation I collected money Essential to build a new hybrid nursery and primary school in central Kenya, one of the most famous and poorest countries in Africa.

Building with Bitcoin is making headway in Africa

With the help of partners and local communities, the company uses bitcoin to move around the world and provide things like quality education, proper food supplies, and even clean water to help improve distressed environments. The company also strives to build things like sustainable farms, water wells, and schools to ensure that people in these areas have what they need to survive and thrive.

The CEO of Built with Bitcoin Ray Youssef is also the CEO of Paxful, a P2P (peer-to-peer) platform that allows you to trade unused gift cards for bitcoin. The school has six classrooms, as well as a technology center and teachers’ lounge to ensure that all teachers have adequate breaks. The school also comes with electricity and a sustainable well that ensures that all members of the community and students have regular access to clean water. Everyone in the school will also have access to the Internet.

In an interview, Youssef described the Bitcoin construction site as such:

Building with Bitcoin is a testament to the strength of the cryptocurrency. We firmly believe that it can improve lives and make the world a better place.

In addition to building the district and offering everything it has, the non-profit organization has also donated many educational materials through a company called Shamori, which is a family business that develops several educational products surrounding bitcoin and blockchain technology. Among the products it currently offers are bitcoin books and card games. The idea is to prepare the kids for what the company believes will be the future of money; To make sure they understand coding, and that the industry is fun for them.

Yousef Necessary is the co-founder and director of philanthropy at Built with Bitcoin. He says these resources do more than just give people what they need to live. It also paves the way for financial freedom, an absolute must if anyone wants to excel.

Work for a better future

At the time of writing, the school is largely dependent on individual donations, although the foundation hopes to become fully self-sufficient in the near future. The school is set to become even larger as the nonprofit said it is looking to build more classrooms and facilities in the coming months.

Last July, Build with Bitcoin built a new water well in Nigeria’s Kogi state in Africa. The well currently serves up to 1,000 residents and helps people not have to spend tons of time fetching water from remote areas.

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