Candy Plus has reached 280 million downloads with its NFT service, more than the amount of a Bitcoin wallet.

  • Candy Plus downloads much more than the amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address
  • Target; By downloading 1 Billon
  • Provide rewards to users through the challenge service

Studio SJ announced that it has attracted 280 million downloads of the Candy Plus app (formerly Candy Camera). Candy Plus is the only instance where it has increased 10 million downloads through NFT’s expansion service. Which is more than Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet amounts

When implementing NFT technology, many platforms encountered user disruption, which made the original users uneasy. But Candy Plus has increased the number of users. In the case of Candy Plus, global users said they were satisfied with the NFT service while taking various photos through the app. Since then, the number of app downloads has continued to increase, which indicates the success of the app update. Studio SJ took first and second place in the camera category in the Apple App Store and Google Play and announced that it is targeting 1 billion download users.

Candy Plus uses AI camera technology to provide four services (Live Action, Emotional, Anime and Art) and updates on different effects through AI learning. An official from Studio SJ said that the number of app downloads is increasing due to beauty functionality updates with facial recognition and app simplification.

Candy Plus operates a “challenging service” by updating it within the app and provides NFT mint points rewards to certain ranks by voting for “Tomorrow is Gamseong Beauty”. Users will use the points provided, which will be used offline so that local and foreign users can use it. In addition, Point Candy Plus has a supply and demand layout. They smooth out the point where demand exceeds supply.

Featuring Candy Plus Quiz Talk, Quiz Talk has signed a business agreement with NSmall and held a short summer vacation show at SK Telecom’s Metaverse service in Ifland. In addition, Quiz Talk is investing in the Meta Airline NFT project to enter the NFT market. Media Corporation “law case” cited the investment with Wemade-Play as an IT-related matter in a legal case, an online media company.

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