Cardano Metaverse Pre-sales Customization Achieved More Than 70%

  • Users who invested at least $7,000 in LONIA and $200 ADA are eligible to be listed.
  • Less than 30% of the pre-sale allocation remains in the pre-sale of the $LONIA token.

The Cardano Metaverse project called Cardalonia is similar to Ethereum’s Sandbox, but Cardalonia runs on the Cardano blockchain. After a pre-sale and subsequent listing on several exchanges, Cardalonia made an announcement of the initial exchange offering.

In Cardano Blockchain, there is a virtual world called Cardalonia where users can create, own and customize their own adventures. Cardalonia pre-token has generated the greatest response, with less than 30% of pre-allocation still in the pre-sale of LONIA token in USD, indicating that more than 70% of the total allocation has been filled with less than 4 days left in the pre-sale.

Cardalonia’s Governance Symbol

Early investors have the opportunity to purchase Cardalonia tokens at low entry points prior to the exchange’s listing. Additionally, LONIA token holders can share their tokens in the Cardalonia Storage Vault, which is already active, to increase their LONIA rewards and improve their chances of early access to the upcoming Terrania Land NFT Sale.

The governance token for the Cardalonia ecosystem will be $LONIA, which was issued as the original Cardano token. By staking LONIA tokens, users will be able to get rewards, exclusive land NFTs, and clan drops.

Cardalonia Marketplace will help users within the App Marketplace to buy and sell generated assets. Cardalonia has also revealed its first glimpse into its collectibles marketplace, where players and artists can list, exchange, and buy Cardalonia items.

After the October snapshot, the Cardalonia Lands NFT Presale will begin, and only $LONIA token holders who have invested at least 7,000 tokens and 200 ADA in their wallets will be eligible for inclusion.

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