The Coinfest Asia Crypto Festival has been a huge success! 1,500 people attended from 52 countries

Coinfest Asia, the festival of Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse and NFT in Asia, was held from August 25-26, 2022 at Cafe Del Mar, Bali. Held in a beach club, Coinfest Asia managed to create an event that was insightful and relaxing for cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world.

According to Velita Setiawan, Coinfest Asia Project Manager and Coinvestasi Director, the event was intentionally held with a concept that fits the mindset of crypto investors.

“Every year before the pandemic, we always held Coinfest, but this year we wanted it to be bigger with a more relaxed concept that we believe fits the mindset of the crypto industry. An atmosphere that we believe has helped crypto enthusiasts gain knowledge and connections by being at the most relaxed crypto event.”

Happy Felita Setiawan.

The Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Jerry Samboaga, opened The Coinfest Asia. In his opening speech, he mentioned that Coinfest Asia was one of the most notable events supporting the growth of cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

“Congratulations to Coinfest Asia for creating this event, I see the cryptocurrency industry as a very beneficial and potential industry for the country. Cryptocurrency transactions in Indonesia have also increased significantly with the total volume of transactions in December 2020 reaching 64.9 trillion rupiah and in December 2021 it has risen to around 859 trillion rupiah. This could be good for the country’s income, and therefore I am very happy that this event can support the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Indonesia, which is why the government is happy to support the digital commerce ecosystem.”

Happy Jerry Sambwaja.

Coinfest Asia is held by Coinvestasi, a media company of Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN). The event was supported by Coindesk Indonesia, the Indonesian Blockchain Association, the Singaporean Blockchain Association, and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

More than 1,500 individuals including crypto experts, investors, developers and regulators from 52 countries around areas such as Web3, Blockchain and NFTs attended this festival and it attracted a lot of interest in just about two days.

For example, in the two days it was held, Coinfest Asia had four event areas, the main stage, the breakout area, the bull area, and the whale chamber. Most of the event was in the main platform, where all the conferences and panel discussions were held. The breakout room was a place for attendees and speakers to connect and communicate with each other. The Whale Room and The Bull Area are specially designed for bull ticket attendees to connect and pitch their projects to each other for collaboration and funding opportunities.

ICN has also launched the latest crypto media called Coindesk Indonesia which is a media portal for updates on crypto, blockchainand NFTs, Web3, investment and other updates about technology in Indonesia and the world. Coindesk Indonesia always thrives on seizing opportunities and updates for cryptocurrency investors to educate with reliable, high integrity and easy to understand information.

The organizers welcomed Coinfest Asia with open arms

The event was warmly welcomed by Indonesian crypto regulators, including Tirta Karma Sanjaya, head of Indonesia’s Commodity and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.

He appreciated this event as it was a great event that was held at the regional level and had a lot of speakers who were knowledgeable figures in the international crypto space.

“I hope Coinvestasi can create more positive events like this to educate people about cryptocurrency.”

He says.

Coinfest Asia 2022 is also supported by Fireblocks, Enjinstarter, KunciCoin, Deepcoin, Emurgo,, Qoinpay, Elliptic, FastEx, Indodax, Pintu, BlockchainSpace, AMDG, 1-inch, BingX, Parastate, Coinstore, LordToken, MetaOne, and StraitsX, PlotX, Haqq Network, ComplyAdvantage, Solana, Paras, Tezos, Degree kripto Token, Nanovest, BRI Ventures, Pendulum, Circle, Pendulum Chain, Metaverse Indonesia.

Coinfest Asia 2023 is close!

Given the enthusiasm of Coinfest Asia attendees, this event will return in 2023 to educate and connect more crypto enthusiasts about cryptocurrencies, while being in a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Coinfest Asia 2023, you can get more information about Coinfest Asia official website.

About Coinvestasi

Coinvestasi is a leading Indonesian crypto media platform that has been providing information on events and updates related to crypto, digital assets and blockchain technology since 2017.

Information about Coinfest Asia can be found on the website and social media below,

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