Court Gives Centennial Network Approval for Sale of New Mined Bitcoin

  • A degree of 432.30 BTC was mined in July, equivalent to approximately $10.3 million.
  • Judge Martin Glenn of the bankruptcy court reached the verdict.

troubled crypto lender percentage grid He received a reprieve when the company’s bankruptcy court allowed the company to sell freshly mined bitcoins.

Although there were early concerns, particularly those related to the expenses of Celsius’ bitcoin mining operations, Judge Martin Glenn The Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York reached the ruling on Tuesday.

Last month, Celsius Mining followed its parent business, Celsius Network, in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Prior to this, Celsius used the proceeds from the sale of mined Bitcoin to support the company’s operations, and with court approval, this practice may now legally continue.

Deliver value to customers

According to the evidence presented during the hearing, Celsius mined 432.30 BTC in July, which is equivalent to approximately $10.3 million at the current price. The company’s projections for operating and capital expenditures were above budgeted.

Despite the fact that Celsius revealed in its filing that its Bitcoin mining operations would initially operate at a loss, Judge Martin Glenn stated that he would allow Celsius to continue selling the mining. Bitcoin Because he tends to believe in the business judgment of the company that this move will ultimately provide value to its customers.

However, Celsius attorney Ross Kwasteniet said the first losses are attributable to the fact that the company just started mining last year and is still in the process of setting up the facility and acquiring mining equipment.

According to Kwasteniet, Celsius’ Bitcoin mining activities are a “core asset”, and if the infrastructure is in place, the company’s financial health could improve over the next few months.

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