Crusoe Energy Files a Lawsuit Against Rival Alkane Midstream

  • Alkane CEO Ryan Blasey was quoted as saying the trial was “disappointing”.
  • In April 2022, Crusoe Energy was able to secure $505 million in financing.

On August 22, 2022, Crusoe’s energywhich specializes in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of bitcoin, has filed a lawsuit against Alkan Midstream. The gas-to-bitcoin infrastructure company has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Denver, Colorado, demanding that Alkane stop its patent infringement activities.

According to the complaint, two oil and gas refineries reneged on agreements with Alkane in November 2021, causing Crusoe to lose business. Although they are referred to as “Colorado producers”, gas and oil producers are not mentioned in the case of Alkan.

Company claim details:

“Alkane infringed Crusoe’s Colorado patents and interfered with Crusoe’s current and future business relationships in Colorado.”

CEO of Alkane Rian Blazy He was quoted as saying the trial was a “disappointing” and a “small surprise” in an August 26 article. According to Blazy, the complainant will deeply regret some of the allegations in the complaint. Furthermore, the CEO said that Alkane teamed up with Crusoe Energy prior to the introduction and that no problems emerged. U.S. Patent No. 10862307 (“Patent 307”) and U.S. Patent No. 10862309 (“Patent 309”) are referenced in the lawsuit.

In April 2022, Crusoe Energy was able to secure $505 million in financing, and since then, it has collaborated with several oil and gas companies across North America.

Crusoe alleges that the president of “Colorado Producers” told them they no longer needed their services after the November 2021 transaction failed because “Colorado Producers” had contracted with Alcan. Crusoe is suing Alkane for patent infringement, asking the court to compel the company to stop infringement, demanding “a jury trial in all cases” and seeking monetary damages.

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