Crypto Firm Crypso Gets $3M in New Funds

Crypso – a digital currency investment platform – has He got $3 million in the new seed funding. The tour saw the participation of many of the most prominent leaders of the crypto arena including Hashed Emergent, Athera Venture Partners, Better Capital, Whiteboard Capital and the founders of Polygon.

Crypso gets a lot of money

Crypso says it plans to use the funds it receives to strengthen its user base and increase the breadth of both technology and products. Suraj Kalwani – co-founder and CEO of the company – explained in a recent interview:

With Crypso, we aim to bridge the loop of discovery and transactions by connecting managed crypto investment. Users can connect with their peers and experts, follow the movements of their portfolios, and get updates on crypto trends and investment opportunities.

He also described the company as a “social asset class” that will allow young residents of India to better interact with cryptocurrencies and engage with the technology that powers them. Hashed Emergent CEO and Managing Partner Tak Lee also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

We look forward to supporting Suraj and [his] Team on their journey to build a user friendly interface for Indian Web 3.0 users. We aim to support their initiative to build young Indian users who are likely to be the first to adopt crypto in India as seen around the world.

It is interesting to see new companies still thriving in the crypto space given the weak prices over the past few months. For example, Bitcoin has lost nearly 70 percent of its value since last November when it hit a new all-time high of about $68,000 per unit. Overall, the crypto space has lost more than $2 trillion in total valuation, yet many crypto projects are thriving, indicating that the space has not lost popularity.

Make encryption accessible to everyone

Crypso says it aims to connect investors, experts, and new investors through a single outlet that allows traders to pick new ideas and form their own hypotheses when it comes to which coins to trade and steps to take to grow one’s wealth and avoid risk. The company says it will unveil new educational protocols and even group chats to help them better understand trading strategies and make smart decisions.

One of the big company’s goals is to simplify coding concepts and make the space truly accessible to anyone. Crypso initially wanted to help retail investors tap into the crypto arena, and within a month of launch, executives said they had registered a whopping 50,000 signups. They have also brought in more than 100 diverse influencers, creators, and experts in the crypto field to use the company’s applications and promote crypto trends and updates.

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