Crypto News Flash – Explore the innovative facilities of Shiba Inu, Chainlink and Persystic Token

Innovation is the driving force of the cryptocurrency market. New projects are introduced into the market every day. The best way to find out what you can gain from a crypto token is to check through its utilities. If it has a solid use case, it will probably work just fine. This piece will look at the best cryptocurrency tokens with properly placed use cases – Shiba Inu (SHIB), Chainlink (LINK), and Percystic Code (PSYS).

Shiba Inu (sheep)

If you have been in the crypto world for some time, you will have heard of meme coins. These cryptocurrencies differ from other tokens in the currency market because they are designed to offer absolutely no benefit. Unlike other projects that focus on a specific area of ​​human life, meme coins fail to do so. But that idea changed with Dogecoin. This meme coin heralded a renewed interest in the crypto space. However, it didn’t take long before another crypto project decided to copy most of its features while improving some of them. Shiba Inu was the next major project to emerge from the meme segment. What’s Next? It managed to overtake Dogecoin as one of the biggest coins in the coin market.

Shiba Inu is an Ethereum-based meme with a dog theme. When this cryptocurrency was launched, it was seen as the Dogecoin killer. why? Because they provided better services than Dogecoin. First of all, Shiba Inu was developed by an anonymous entity known as Ryoshi in the year 2020. Shiba Inu has adopted a community-driven approach and has an active community of users known as Shiba Army. They are responsible for pushing the code forward. Shiba Inu also adopts an ecosystem of three tokens; Gray hair, sprinkling, and bones. SHIB is the original symbol for this ecosystem. Unlike DOGE, there is a limited number of SHIB tokens – 1 quadrillion.

Before, crypto tokens and blockchain technology had difficulty interacting with non-blockchain technology. As a result, it was impossible to combine the unique features of many unrelated systems. If the blockchain is going to provide crypto users with virtually unlimited decentralized features, it must be able to interact with external elements. Chainlink is a cryptocurrency project set to address this issue. Chainlink operates on a decentralized network and uses smart contracts to control its transactions. Users can bridge the gap between blockchain systems and beyond by relying on Chainlink Oracle. These middleware will be a middleman that translates data from the real world into smart contracts on the blockchain.

There are different types of smart contracts on this platform that can be used to process and collect data. Chainlink will aggregate the collected data to a specific point and initiate its execution using smart contracts to process transactions. Doing so can avoid a central point of failure that threatens the entire system. LINK is the original token for this platform. It is used to facilitate transactions on the Chainlink system. What’s Next? This ERC-20 token also works on settling contract operators to facilitate smart contracts. Users are expected to share LINK tokens to become contract operators and earn passive rewards from the platform.

Percystic Code (PSYS)

Persian symbol A new addition to the coin market, but it is able to do many things. As a result, many crypto experts and enthusiasts have described it as the big cryptocurrency coming out of the cryptocurrency market and impressing users with what it has to offer. Persystic plans to be a crypto token that will provide a completely decentralized ecosystem where users will get passive profit. Persystic was built from the desire to create a cryptocurrency token that ensures users are able to communicate and interact freely. Today, most social media platforms are controlled and regulated by strict regulations. Persystic aims to break this strict censorship using blockchain technology.

Percy It is built on the Binance smart chain. As a result, it can process transactions quickly and cheaply. PSYS It is the original token of this network and is BEP-20 compliant. Crypto users can add PSYS tokens to their wallet by participating in the presale. You will also enjoy lucrative bonus offers on purchase. Users participating in the first phase of the pre-offer will enjoy a 5% bonus, while the second phase will offer a 4% bonus.

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