David Holtzman, DNS Engineer, Joins the Naoris Protocol

Writer, technologist, and early adopter of the internet joins David Holtzman norris protocol as a consultant. The Naoris protocol, which aims to change the way cybersecurity is mitigated with a system called CyberMesh, will have Holtzmann’s support in areas such as marketing, technology and strategy.

The Internet as we know it today would not have existed without Holtzmann’s early contributions to the technology that comprises it. As CTO of Network Solutions in the late 1990s, he oversaw the operations of DNS and the “Dot” root server, two essential components of the Internet’s naming infrastructure. The number of unique domain names registered on the Internet increased dramatically during his reign, from more than five million to more than twenty million.

Holtzmann’s previous positions include chief scientist at IBM and leading a senior research team at Booz-Allen & Hamilton prior to Networks Solutions. He served as chief technology officer for Senator Evan Bayh’s campaign and as one of the chief cybersecurity experts for General Wesley Clark. Within the blockchain industry, he has worked as a consultant, advisor or manager for the past six years.

Prior to joining the NSA as an analyst for Soviet cosmonauts, Holtzmann was a Russian submarine-based cryptographer for the US Naval Security Group.

Holtzmann commented:

The Naoris protocol has the right ideas. During my many decades working with disruptive innovators, I’ve come to the conclusion that what defines a company is the strength of its core principles and values. The Naoris protocol started in a good place and its technology is directly in line with their beliefs. The value of network decentralization cannot be overemphasized and their new approach to applying this to security verification is an important and likely game-changing approach.”

Rather than relying on government law to ensure citizens’ privacy, Holtzmann insists that people should rely on personal encryption to do so. He is the author of Losing Privacy: How Technology Threatens Your Privacy, a presentation that provides an inside look into the world of intrusive technology, its users, and the threats they pose to individual privacy.

David Carvalho, CEO and founder of Naoris Protocol, said:

“We are very fortunate to work with David Holtzman as a project consultant, we would not have the Internet as we know it today without it, and we are humbled to link together new, high-impact use cases and ideas with David. This is an exciting and crucial time for the Naoris Protocol as we strive to bring the best and most insightful from Web2 and Web3 together to expand our decentralized cybersecurity network approach. Joining David Holtzman, with his incredible knowledge and world-changing experience, makes us feel good about the future of all things digital.”

Powered by Holtzman, the Naoris protocol seeks to distribute the cybersecurity practices of existing businesses, governments, Web3 initiatives, and more. The shortcomings and weaknesses of legacy central systems pose a threat to global stability as the world moves to the new Web3 models of DeFi and borderless cryptocurrency. Holtzman, as a symbol of a more radical era of Internet culture, is an excellent model to follow in the Naoris protocol.

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