Delhi High Court Upholds Tata’s Appeal Against Cryptocurrency

  • The Delhi High Court has upheld Tatas’ opposition to the TATA Coin cryptocurrency.
  • The court prohibits US and British companies from using the TATA mark.

On Monday, the Delhi High Court accepted Tata Sons’ application for a temporary restraining order against the founders of Hakunamatata Tata and other parties, who were using the former brand (TATA) to engage in cryptocurrency trading known as TATA Coin.

Judge Mukta Gupta and Judge Manoj Kumar Ori stated that in trademark infringement cases, the possibility of confusion and misinformation in the public eye as a result of the infringing trademark is sufficient justification for the court to grant provisionally.

Delhi High Court advertiser In the report that;

Any questionable and inferior products sold through the defendants’ website, using the appellant’s brand, could seriously damage their credibility.

What does he carry?

The India-based multinational group TATA is known for the quality of its goods and services. Tata Sons alleges that the defendants (Hakunamatata), registered in the US and UK, are using a former (TATA) trademark to promote online cryptocurrency trading through their websites.

According to the report, domain names And the That allowed the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies bearing the TATA coin or $TATA trademarks, and was established in June and May of 2021.

Then, last year, the plaintiff requested a permanent injunction preventing defendants from using the “TATA” trademark as part of the company name, domain name, or name under which their cryptocurrency is made publicly available.

But the experienced single judge of the Delhi High Court issued an order on October 26, 2021 to dismiss the plaintiff (Tata Son)’s application as there was no evidence that the defendants were targeting clients in India.

Finally, the current appeal is accepted in the above manner for the above reasons. As an ongoing investigation, TATA Coin (TATA) was trading at $0.008019 with a trading volume of $97.22. TATA Coin Price Increased 2.20% in the Last 24 Hours, According to CoinMarketCap.

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