Dubai Royal Family Joins Coin Corner

  • The latest partnership will boost Bitcoin transactions across the UAE.
  • CoinCorner will be able to expand its activities throughout the Middle East.

CoinCorner, the UK-based Bitcoin and Lightning Network services, recently partnered with seed seta company run by the royal family in Dubai, to speed up bitcoin transactions in the United Arab Emirates.

Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Sayed Group, said:

Apart from individuals, there are a large number of companies willing to adopt bitcoin and other digital currencies as legal tender for future transactions.

He added that by creating a digital currency ecosystem, the UAE intends to provide financial technology institutions with a growth-oriented atmosphere. The digital economy of the UAE offers huge possibilities for companies dealing in cryptocurrency.

Dubai’s approach to BTC

According to the recent cooperation, Queen Corner The Seed Group will benefit from the assistance of the Seed Group as it grows its operations across the Middle East, reaches its target market, and has access to key decision makers in both the public and commercial sectors.

Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, expressed:

We are pleased to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with Seed Group. We are committed to making bitcoin transactions the new normal in the UAE with the help of our unique solutions, which facilitate instant and unburdened payments.

Through the partnership, CoinCorner will have access to one of the fastest expanding economies and will have more opportunities to connect with potential clients in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Dubai is currently preparing to take over as the global hub for cryptocurrency. Dubai is promoting the expansion of the cryptocurrency sector by creating a regulatory framework to attract crypto companies and expertise to the city as regional economic competition intensifies. Several crypto-based platforms have already opened in Dubai, making it the crypto capital of the world.

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