Encryptus becomes the first institutional-grade trading desk to enter the Bloktopia Metaverse

The metaverse is rapidly growing into a global phenomenon, opening a new era of the internet age. It is the revolutionary representation of the physical world versus the evolving digital world.

The emerging emerging technology Web3 is the focal engine driving the speed at which the metaverse is evolving. The metaverse is shaping a new dimension of growth and opportunity for many industries – enabling individuals and businesses to connect, share, collaborate and experiential innovation.

Recently, major banks such as DBS, JPMorgan and HSBC launched on Metaverse. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour per day in the Metaverse.

While the metaverse is still in its formative stage, forward-thinking companies like cipher They take advantage of new opportunities in this ever-evolving sector. Encryptus has launched its own virtual office into the metaverse, and has gone on to become the world’s first corporate office to enter the field to offer Crypto < > Fiat services on the Bloktopia Metaverse.

The Vanguard Trading Desk offers cryptocurrency exchanges, high net worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds, venture capitalists, asset management firms, institutional investors, fund managers and private investors a compliant and licensed crypto desk to convert their major crypto assets into fiat and fiat currencies to Cryptocurrencies.

With a primary focus on technology, compliance, monitoring, and the sharing economy; Encryptus has automated the user journey right from setup to wallet whitelisting. The platform supports BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT and MATIC on the crypto side and supports GBP, EUR and USD on the cash side

“We are excited to be the first <> fiat OTC crypto platform to be on the Metaverse. According to one report, Metaverses is expected to host a total of $800 billion in transactions by 2024. Encryptus is pleased to be on the Metaverse in Bloktopia to begin the Metarse journey.” Shantnu Saxena commented. , founder of Encryptus:

“Encryptus, along with Bloktopia, aims to create a more realistic consumer experience where its users can trade on the Encryptus Desk in the metaverse, hold AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and other activities,” Bloktopia team members comment.

CMO of Encryptus; Abhinav Mehta commented, “We see the metaverse as another operationally effective way to drive crypto education and adoption. Moreover, it will be an essential meeting point for ordinary people to meet, exchange ideas and learn. We will soon be hosting institutional meet and networking sessions in the Metaverse”

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