eShot Labs launches real-time NFT video creation solution

eShot Labs provides brands and content creators with a unique NFT real-time video solution for businesses and their fans.

Paris – (BUSINESS WIRE) –eShot LabsIt is a French company founded by Fergus Liliu And the Jean Baptiste Kempf (Head of VideoLAN – VLC Player) who develops Web3 solutions with expertise in the field of video, announced today The first white-labeled solution to generate real-time video NFTs from live broadcast content. Available now, the eShot Labs solution is part of an entirely new marketplace for NFT creation based on real-time or archived video content, but with the unique advantage of giving customers their choice of blockchain.

The launch directly addresses the challenge faced by many brands seeking to strengthen emotional bonds with their communities. With exclusive content instantly available, these brands can create and enhance a sense of belonging for customers and fans.

Disruptive innovation supports the brands people love

The NFT market is currently going through a period of transition and consolidation, with the volume of exchanges decreasing by 24% between the first and second quarters of 2022. This loss, representing a decrease of 10 billion to about 8 billion dollars, is exclusively related to “cold content”, that is, NFTs that are produced after an event. NFTs are still gaining in popularity, representing a huge development opportunity for brands.

eShot Labs innovates by providing brands, content creators, and event organizers the ability to provide their fan communities with content that is instantly available with just a few clicks on their phone. Brands, bands, and designers can take advantage of the opportunity to make moments important for fans to instantly own, from a game-winning goal scored by a favorite player, to a song you’re performing at a concert, to eye-catching outfits on costumes. Listed week.

“At the time of moving to Web3, we have a great opportunity. Our ambition is to make the NFT accessible to as many people as possible, based on a shared passion, whether it is sports, esports or the scope of content created on the web. It is about going beyond the monetary side, from by promoting the utility of NFTs in the emotional commitment to time between the brand and its community,” says Fergus Liliu, CEO and co-founder of eShot Labs.

Adaptable and customizable marketing tool

By offering the first real-time NFT generation solution, eShot Labs has positioned itself as an innovative player in the global NFT market. This plug-and-play and mobile first solution can be easily integrated into any audio or video broadcast or API and can be available as a seed. A do-it-yourself (DIY) approach will allow users to shape their own NFT as they see fit, leaving them in control of the entire process of creating and marketing it, from choosing the blockchain to making it available on various exchanges. platforms.

“Our goal with eShot Labs is to bridge the gap between the worlds of video and Web3, two highly technical and complex industries that need integrated, easy-to-use and easy-to-use solutions. We help players in these two worlds develop new products without having to master all the basic complexities” Jean Baptiste Kempfchief technology officer and co-founder of eShot Labs.

“NFTs can now be integrated into brand marketing strategies to spark discussions with fans, engage communities, and open up new sources of revenue. Fans can, for example, have a live video of the moment they are going through, and then share it on their social networks,” he adds. Fabian ArnidoCMO of eShot Labs.

Already present in sporting events such as FISE in Le HavreeShot Labs is on its way to becoming the preferred partner in the entertainment industry.

Introducing eShot Labs:

Demo shot of Labs by Fergus at Web3summit:

Around eShot Labs
Founded in February 2022 by French Fergus Leleu, formerly of Shadow, and Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VideoLAN (VLC media player, x264) and former CTO of Shadow, eShot Labs is a unique NFT live video creation solution, designed for content creators Brands and organizations



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