The Ethereum integration is complete and the next is Cardano Vasil Hard Fork

  • On September 22, 2022, the Vasil hard fork will be completed.
  • As of Monday, 95% of the massive blocks are already coming from 1.35.3 knots.

For a long time, members of the Ethereum community have described the merge as a major improvement to the underlying network infrastructure. In addition to mitigating the negative impact of the network on the environment, POS It will provide Ethereum’s native ether token (ETH) with a new use case: staking.

Due to the proximity of two major events, the cryptocurrency space has been in its wake over the course of several weeks. On September 22, 2022, Vasil’s hard fork will be completed, while the long-awaited Ethereum merger has just completed.

The first step in change is the starting point for increasing network efficiency and scalability. The asset was recently trading at $1,755, while in a strong uptrend. As a result, the price is expected to spiral higher beyond the nearby barrier at $1800, and finally settle near $2000 soon.

Loans to ETH have risen, indicating that investors are very optimistic about the potential for a cryptocurrency appreciation in the wake of the merger. In total, more than a billion dollars worth of coins were borrowed.

Core Ethereum developers will continue to improve the open source network in the months and even years after the merger, with plans to further reduce transaction costs and increase network performance and security.

Vitalik ButerinCo-founder of Ethereum, previously speculated that the full effects of The Merge would not appear for some time. He estimated that the price of ETH would not change until six to eight months had passed during the change.

Now the focus has shifted to Cardano Hard Fork

On the other hand, according to the latest information, the Cardano platform is rapidly approaching its fate, which can be found in the Vasil Hard Fork on September 22, 2022. More than 94% of all major blocks in the network were created writing the last remaining Vasil candidate nodes (1.35.3). ).

Binance, MEXC, BitTrue,, BTC Turk, OKX, Whitebit, and others, among others, have indicated their readiness for the impending event. Half of the most popular Cardano dApps are also ready for pre-production, while the rest are still in testing. More than 3,000 scripts have been released on Plutos, while nearly a thousand projects are under development on Cardano.

As market optimism and development efforts are on the rise, the price of ADA is also expected to rise in the near future. Thus providing a much-needed boost to investors and the market as a whole. As a result, the two most anticipated events are likely to upend the entire crypto market script, which could help Q4 come out on a strong note.

The Cardano builder’s Input Output has made significant progress towards the much-anticipated Vasil hard fork. As of Monday, 95% of the massive blocks are already coming from 1.35.3 knots. Furthermore, as reported, version 1.35.3 was selected as the final candidate node for Vasil’s hard fork, and the network was required to proceed with the upgrade to reach the 75% threshold. As of September 12, the majority of the largest exchanges in terms of liquidity have either merged Vasil or begun preparing for a high-risk upgrade.

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