Inflation rates are higher than ever before in Italy

  • Consumer prices increased by 0.8 percent each month, accelerating from 0.4 percent in July
  • Bitstamp, and Coinbase have received approval for their services in Italy.

According to the current trend happening, there has been widespread inflation all over the world. Recent data shows that Italy experienced the highest inflation at 9% compared to previous months.

Inflation rate in Italy (source:Trading Economics)

Initial expectations, Italy’s annual inflation rate rose to 9% in August 2022, the highest level in more than 36 years, up from 7.9% in July and well above expectations of 8.1%. Consumer prices are likely to rise 0.8 percent each month, accelerating their 0.4 percent rise in July.

Inflation rates in different sectors August

Inflation occurred in a variety of industries, including food and non-alcoholic beverages (16% of total weight), transportation (15%), dining and accommodation (12%), housing (10%), water, electricity and other fuels (10 %).

and other goods and services (10 percent). The index includes the following categories: health (9%), recreation and culture (8%), clothing and footwear (7%), furniture and household equipment (7%). Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, communications and education account for the remaining 6%.

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