A fast-paced Sit-n-Go tournament from Decentral Games

  • Sit-n-Go tournaments have lower entry criteria than the usual Challenge mode.
  • Decentralized games offer fast-fire tournaments and single elimination.

decentralized gamesthe Metaverse’s play and earn system, offers fast-paced tournaments, single elimination as players battle for ICE wearables and token payments in ICE and xDG.

Blockchain Sit-n-Go courses have much lower entry criteria than the usual Challenge mode, allowing talented players who don’t have significant financial resources to start out on a wearable course, show their worth, and then advance to Flex or All Access Wearable.

Matthew Howells Barbie, Chief Marketing Officer, Decentral Games said;

We’ve listened to our community, and many of them are getting pricey because of our regular wearables. We wanted to create a fast-paced “entry level” cycle circuit, which is why we developed Sit-n-Go. Thanks to its blinds and the ability to play on mobile, it’s guaranteed to be fast paced and full of action. Players can improve their career and eventually collect enough to get the coveted All Access Wearable.

Sit-n-Go Championship

The 10/20 chip blinds required in Six Player ICE Poker SNG doubles up every four minutes. All participants must place a blind bet, which aims to keep the games moving fast. An average of 45 minutes should pass between each match.

Winners of each game receive tournament badges, which can be exchanged for tokens, wearables, ICE accessories, and xDG wearables. The brilliance spent by participants to enter the competition is returned to the players who placed second.

To participate in each tournament, users are required to use a wearable and a Shine mode, and players must purchase a Championship, Flex, or All Access wearable. All Access wearables can be used in both the Decentraland app and the Flex app, while tournament wearables can only be used on SNG tournaments and wearables can only be used on the ICE Poker Flex app.

Each participant in a tournament must receive a certain amount of sparkle on the wearable, which can be refilled with ICE tokens. The number of tournament badges they will win equals the amount of brilliance they used, while other tournaments and events will have different brilliance requirements.

Furthermore, SNG cycles are an additional use case and source of demand for ICE tokens for the ICE Poker community. Instead of awarding rewards to winners, some of the ICE used in Shine was burned, serving as a sustainable token drain on the game’s economy.

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