Fintech-Ideas brings blockchain functionality to its portfolio of platforms

Enterprise software developer fintech ideasThe company, which specializes in sourcing, financing and developing in-house products aimed at the fintech and marketing industries, has integrated a suite of blockchain tools into its SaaS offering. This ruling will enable companies to use powerful web3 features such as tokens, NFTs, and distributed storage.

Incorporating blockchain functionality into the company’s fintech and marketing systems will provide on-demand web3 services. Customers will be able to learn about crypto-based technologies, including blockchain, with minimal setup costs and lead time.

Millions of customers rely on Flagship Fintech-Ideas products such as Pushnoti, LiberSave and ITTechAV for payment and marketing. Incorporating web3 features will expand its functionality and unlock new revenue streams for forward-thinking companies. Fintech-Ideas also serves the media industry through a range of products. Aussiedlerbotte newspaper It offers readers a wide range of media content and TechZeitung Supports convenient and extensive exchange of entrepreneurial skills and experience.

libre save It is a SaaS solution for digital voucher issuers. Users can purchase unlimited vouchers from exporters and use them to purchase items from partner stores and marketplaces.

BushnoteIn the meantime, it helps business owners identify regular visitors for engagement purposes, and PushnotiAds It is a notification monetization platform. These, along with Fintech-Ideas products such as IT Technologie, will benefit from blockchain integration.

The cost and complexity of introducing and maintaining blockchain functionality is a deterrent for many businesses. Fintech-Ideas’ Blockchain-as-a-Service offering will give companies exposure to Web 3 and the positive aspects it has to offer, without burdening them with exorbitant maintenance costs.

Introduced as a new Internet standard, Web3, uses innovations synonymous with blockchain including the use of key pairs, cryptography, digital identifiers, and cryptography. Web3 technologies support applications such as micropayments, decentralized networks, the Internet of Things, and censorship-resistant social media platforms.

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