Flare Network and Lena Instruments are reinventing crowdfunding

Together with the Swiss blockchain software and infrastructure company lina machinesThe luminous netThe new blockchain, which promises to connect everything, has announced a revolutionary crowdfunding launch platform.

Through its platform, contributors to carefully vetted CloudFunding crypto projects enjoy exclusive access to those projects and unique benefits, all while preserving their initial investment. Contributors to existing cryptocurrency launchers only allocate any number of tokens they feel comfortable with. Instead, participants’ encapsulated FLR/SGB capital is used to fund CloudFunding projects, and this strategy ensures that shareholders never lose access to their initial investment.

CloudFinancing’s new approach to crowdfunding makes it the safest and least risky way to invest in blockchain projects. Each investor retains 100% of their initial investment and may choose to contribute anywhere from 1% to 100% of their capital gains to causes they support.

For their contributions, users will receive a project token IOU, which will be listed by a number of Flare’s decentralized exchange partners after the token generation event. These debt securities can be traded freely prior to the issuance of the original project token.

The main advantage of cloud funding for start-ups is the constant flow of funds at the end of each bonus period, as long as the community continues to contribute. CloudFunded projects will be able to keep their communities informed of their progress, achievements, and milestones while paying the bills, financing development and marketing themselves, and creating a long-term business strategy with the help of this funding. Investors trust them more because they know they will never lose control of their money.

Lena Instruments professionals are available on CloudFunding to provide a wide range of services for projects, including community forums, networking, legal assistance, smart contract audits, and more. Moreover, once the CloudFunding campaign for the project ends, fast liquidity is guaranteed via participating DEXs.

Campaigns on CloudFunding have two distinct phases: the raise period and the return period, which makes them stand out from other crowdfunding centers. The community is encouraged to express their support during the surge period by locking their SGB/FLR tokens into a smart contract until the project team reaches the target amount. After the increment period, if the target amount is successfully raised, the payout period will start, during which the bonuses earned from the target amount will be contributed to the project at the end of each bonus period. If the project’s original token has not yet been released, backers will still be able to obtain their debt securities and start trading them once the project is funded. The project will determine the length of the return period, which is usually three to five months. Each contributor will be issued a proportionate number of project tokens in addition to their funds at the end of the payout period.

However, if the raise period is unsuccessful, the project will not be eligible to receive CloudFunding, and the initial investment and all benefits earned will be refunded to backers.

According to Hugo Filion, CEO of Flare and co-founder:

“CloudFunding is an excellent example of how developers can take advantage of the decentralized data infrastructure natively built on the Flare blockchain. Using the Flare Time Series Oracle as a mechanism for contributing to exciting new projects, CloudFunding creates a win-win situation. Flare acquires another highly motivated FTSO provider to provide data Accurate network pricing; new projects gain early access to funding and community support; and Flare token holders get the chance to join exciting new projects with zero risk to their capital.”

Follow Hugo:

“Flare Network recognizes the value of CloudFunding technology in the blockchain space, and is grateful and excited that Lena Instruments has chosen Flare and Songbird to build its CloudFunding platform.”

Laura Morebe, Head of Communications and Spokesperson for Lena Instruments said:

“Lena Instruments, being the principal token owner of Flare, is of course committed to its long-term success. So it is only natural that Lena uses her experience and engineering talent to design new products that we hope will contribute to the development of Flare and attract audiences. CloudFunding is a modern, decentralized launch platform that will allow the community to support The best possible projects within the ecosystem, having been carefully curated by the platform. Without the need to sell FLR or SGB, contributors can keep abreast of developments, achievements and milestones made possible by their contributions.”

Laura added:

“CloudFunding is one of the many products Lena will be launching over the next few months at Flare and Songbird to improve the reach of audiences, projects and organizations to this exceptional layer 1. We would like to thank our partner Flare Networks for the trust they have placed in our team, and we promise to continue to deliver products that are smart, essential, safe, fun and easy Use to accompany Flare on her path to success.”

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