The former CEO of BlackRock has been appointed CEO of Blockchain Australia

  • Mercurio first worked for Citigroup from 2001 to 2005.
  • Mercurio will take over as CEO from Monday (12 September).

Blockchain Australia, an organization representing Australian crypto companies and individuals, has appointed Laura Mercurio as its new CEO. Includes former employers blackStoneAnd the German BankAnd the City Groupwhich testifies to her wealth of relevant experience in the financial sector.

Several banking and government sectors have joined the digital asset market recently. One such person is Brian Brooks, who served under the Trump administration as a US currency watchdog and is currently the CEO of the crypto infrastructure company. Bitfiori.

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Blockchain Australia recently announced that Laura Mercurio will take over as CEO starting Monday (September 12). She has been given high hopes for her ability to interact with regulators and local authorities, as her organization reports that the country’s leaders are moving towards implementing a regulatory framework for the digital asset industry.

After years of working for prominent financial, technology and advisory firms, Mercurio joined Blockchain Australia. Furthermore, she first worked at Citigroup from 2001 to 2005. She was then promoted to the position of Head of Global Operations at BlackRock.

Mercurio male:

“I am very excited to take on the role of CEO of Blockchain Australia, to be the leading voice in this mature industry, and to lead innovation and change for Australian companies in the blockchain space. With the rapid adoption of Blockchain and crypto assets, there are opportunities for this technology to fundamentally change how industries solve everyday problems. I look forward to advancing the innovation ecosystem and working closely with members, industry, governments and regulators to provide digital solutions.”

According to Chairman Adam Bolton, Mercurio “brings unique passion, energy and enthusiasm” and is the perfect choice for the organization.

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