Former Fidelity Exec Rick Synrod Joins Bitcoin IRA

Rick Senrod – former CEO with 401k retirement giant Fidelity – will take up his new role Chief Operations Officer for Bitcoin IRA, a digital currency platform that allows people to put their retirement funds into crypto.

Rick Senrod Will Collaborate With Bitcoin IRA

Synrod will be responsible for overseeing digital asset operations in his new position. It will also monitor the processes, policies, and strategies designed to make the Bitcoin IRA reach its financial goals. Chris Klein, co-founder of Bitcoin IRA, expressed his enthusiasm for Synrod joining the team, saying:

Intelligent and strategic growth is our overall goal, and in that spirit, we’re thrilled to welcome Brick as our new Bitcoin IRA. His career leading the financial services teams and his experience launching digital assets at Fidelity have made him the perfect choice for our company and team as we continue to lead and innovate our industry together.

The synrod also threw two of its cents into the mix, commenting:

I am very excited to join the Bitcoin IRA leadership team. I look forward to serving as a resource for our team and clients during the following stages of our growth, building on the significant accomplishments and success the team has already achieved. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the digital asset industry, and I look forward to participating in the development of financial services along with this wonderful team.

Ironically, Synrod comes from a company that is making huge headlines in the crypto-asset world right now. Fidelity is one of the largest investment firms out there. At the time of writing, it got a lot of attention because it recently announced that it will allow customers with 401ks to put some of their money into assets like bitcoin, which is obviously somewhat speculative.

There are many crypto-lovers who are quite excited about what the future has to offer, but there are others who are concerned about the kinds of losses people will suffer. One of those anxious people is Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

Not everyone’s fidelity decision pleased everyone

She and several other members of Congress recently wrote a letter to the retirement firm asking why they are willing to take this opportunity right now to expose their clients’ funds to volatile assets like BTC – especially during a time when the market is crashing. Many of these individuals will likely need to keep as much money as possible, since they may not be able to work anymore and may be dealing with medical issues that require huge payments.

Synrod has worked with Fidelity for more than 15 years as its COO and COO, while Bitcoin IRAs are among the world’s first and most secure IRA-based digital currency programs.

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