Free Will says all future cryptocurrency donations come with no fees

Free Will – a charitable organization involved in estate planning – It says it was founded It’s called “Crypto for Charity” to ensure that all future crypto transactions and donations don’t come without a fee. This means that anyone who sends cryptocurrency to a nonprofit that is listed by the company will not be required to pay any additional money beyond what they intend to give to the charitable cause.

Free Will makes cryptocurrency donations more cost-effective

Free Will CEO Patrick Schmitt commented in an interview:

We are very excited to announce that we have become the first in our competitive pool where transaction fees are concerned when donating cryptocurrency. One of our most important commitments is to listen to our customers and act on feedback, and what we’ve heard from crypto owners is that donating cryptocurrency should be free. Having raised over $6 billion in charitable giving using free real-time estate planning and giving tools, we are proud to offer a zero-fee platform for cryptocurrency. Now, donating cryptocurrency via our platform is more cost effective than donating with a credit card. Democratizing access to estate planning and philanthropy is central to the Free Will brand, and we’re proud to continue our leadership here after just months of jumping into the crypto space.

In addition to crypto, Free Will allows its customers to donate shares of stock. Among the company’s greatest services, helping people prepare their wills and ensure that their money goes to the charitable platforms closest and dear to their hearts. Furthermore, users can also donate non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and they can also donate to multiple charities at the same time through single transactions if they so choose. All of this comes at no charge from now on.

Cryptocurrency donations have taken a bigger shape in recent years as the COVID pandemic has made everyone afraid to pass on money and other items that are likely to be handled by multiple people.

For example, many churches have abandoned their plates and baskets during the pandemic and allowed people to donate cryptocurrency through online means so that they can avoid physical contact with others. This is a trend that is apparently emerging, and many other companies are becoming more open when it comes to crypto donations.

Things will be much easier

Free Will and Crypto for Charity currently allow customers to donate to over 50,000 individual charitable platforms located in America. Crypto for Charity launched in December of last year (about one month after BTC hit an all-time high of $68,000) during a time when nearly 90 percent of US charities did not have the means or capacity to accept crypto donations.

However, it appears that demand has increased significantly in the past nine months, and since then Free Will has brought in several additional partners to help expand its horizons.

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