Houston Texans say ‘yes’ to crypto payments

Houston Texas has become one of the few Professional football teams There is a willingness to allow Bitcoin payments for the wings, which once again indicates that sports and cryptocurrency go hand in hand.

Texas opened its mind to cryptocurrency

Those looking to pay with Bitcoin should do so through a company called Bit Wallet, a third-party entity that converts digital currency into fiat currency so that the team can earn their money. Houston Texans President Greg Grissom was excited about the partnership and commented in an interview:

We are proud to partner with Bit Wallet to offer an exciting option to our fans looking to enjoy a game of Texas at one of our booths. Bit Wallet is an ideal collaborator as we continue our efforts to advance our organization in new and innovative ways.

John Perrone, CEO of Bit Wallet, also threw two years into the mix, saying:

Digital currency has become a primary means of payment, and by partnering with Bit Wallet, Texas is leading the way in the NFL. I am honored that Bit Wallet is the first to offer this service to Texas fans.

This opens many doors

Colin Yurcisin is the founder of Leveraged Lifestyle, Leveraged Mining and Leveraged Investments. He offered his own insights regarding the team’s willingness to accept cryptocurrency. He said:

It opens up a whole series of possibilities for how Bitcoin can be linked and entrenched in mainstream society. The NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, and now that more teams are open to using cryptocurrency to paying customers, you are likely to see a snowball effect in many other places. The risk in transactions is eliminated (at least for the difference) also because the final currency is still in… The best part about our business is that we use industrial power at incredibly cheap rates, we build our own submersible cooling systems which is the biggest competitive advantage us on other mining companies Immersion cooling is the most efficient way to mine bitcoin. The reason for this is that you can remove the fan from the miner, which is the single largest point of failure, and then submerge the miners in submerged coolant, allowing them to work at their best. We also charge all of our costs up front for our mining packages with our clients, so there is no risk of us having to shut down our rigs due to not being profitable. We charge the miner, electricity and maintenance up front, so we have the money to buy our equipment, invest in infrastructure, pay the staff, and make sure we can deliver the promised TH/S the client paid over his four years in business. a necklace. Most miners are shutting down their hardware right now and selling bitcoin during a bear market and we’re doing the opposite.

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