Huobi Global to List Inery Token on September 28, 2022

Singapore, Singapore, September 19, 2022, Chenwire

Inery, a decentralized data system, has announced that the official listing of its token on Huobi Exchange is set to go live on September 28, 2022. Huobi Exchange is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, supporting more than 1,000 trading pairs and over 600 currencies. encrypted.

Inery takes a different approach to decentralizing data and data management to Web2 and Web3 companies while simplifying the transition to a decentralized web.

Inery Ecosystem It is designed to enable decentralized data management by integrating blockchain functionality such as stability, security, and owner-controlled data assets with distributed database properties to enable high performance, low network latency, and complex query functions. The ecosystem is secured and powered using the network token, $INR.

“We are excited to have Huobi Exchange join us. The inclusion of the Inery token plays an integral role in our roadmap; with Huobi’s support, we can bring Inery’s vision to market and engage more people in our mission to reshape the world through a paradigm shift in data management,” stated Dr. Naveen Singh, co-founder and CEO of Inery.

Upon listing on the Huobi exchange, Inery’s official listing pair, the INR/Tether (USDT) trade pair, will be available for trading at 13:00 UTC on September 28.

The project’s approach is to ensure that data management and storage is not restricted in walled gardens, and that energy is returned to users as we advance towards the Internet revolution – Web3.

Huobi supports innovative projects that empower users in the crypto and blockchain sector and integrate technology with other sectors, which is why it will be the first listing of the $INR token on Huobi Exchange.

About Inery

Enri It is a decentralized data system and Layer 1 blockchain. It enables a decentralized, secure, and reliable foundation for database management. Leveraging blockchain technology, Inery offers a decentralized and distributed infrastructure for database management.

About Huobi

Founded in 2013, Huobi . group It is a global leader in the digital economy industry, with a mission to make breakthroughs in core blockchain technologies and integrate blockchain technology with other industries.

Huobi Group prides itself on providing world-class security and world-class environmental and industrial design. It has partnered with Sequoia, Fenbushi Capital, Link Capital, Node Capital, SVIEF, CIDA, FBG Capital and more.


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