First state in India to use Blockchain to supply seeds to farmers

  • Blockchain technology has been used to increase the transparency of government and farmers.
  • Jharkhand is the first state in the country to distribute seeds using blockchain technology.

The successful implementation of seed delivery to farmers using blockchain technology has been announced by the Department of Agriculture, Jharkhand, and multinational blockchain technology company SettleMint, India. This great development had to completely transform cultivation.

During the two years that SettleMint has been operating in India, it has worked hard and acted quickly to enable blockchain adoption. Distributing seeds using blockchain technology to farmers in Jharkhand is a bequest in response.

The strategy behind using blockchain to circulate seeds

Since it allows traceability, real-time monitoring and effective scheme management, it will play an important role in the transparent implementation of plans while eliminating middlemen.

The blockchain platform tracks seed distribution from a valid government agency that produces seeds to distributors, retailers, LAMPS/PACS, FPOs, and ultimately to farmers. It begins with the Directorate of Agriculture by issuing supply orders to the district agriculture official to submit seed orders.

It works by registering with aadhar card and entering the mobile number after which the required information is registered to the farmers. This increases transparency and also aims to provide electronic ‘know your customer’ to certify farmers’ aadhar numbers.

Shehzad Fatemi, CEO of SettleMint India said,

“We are pleased to collaborate with Jharkhand as it became the first country in the country to distribute seeds using blockchain technology…”

Agriculture Director Nisha Oraun said that the Department of Agriculture offers more than 300 crops during the fall and spring seasons. Due to the drought-like conditions now in place, the total seed distribution for the Khareef season is expected to be between 35 thousand and 40 thousand quintals. About 30 thousand quintals of seeds have already been scattered. With further adoption of blockchain technology, farmers will be able to confirm the type and quantity of seeds they have obtained using their smartphones, making the entire seed distribution process free of theft.

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