Interesting alternative currencies to break through its resistance level – HNT, CVX, KSM

Since it is a frantic moment for all the cryptocurrency users who are facing a bear market, here are some altcoins that are starting to top the list of gainers. The first three tokens are Helium (HNT), Convex Finance (CVX), and Kusama (KSM). Surprisingly, these cryptocurrencies just rose past their resistance zones. After that, the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) slowly rose, trading above $19,000 at the moment.

Moreover, watching the market fluctuations, cryptocurrencies have become the asset of choice for many crypto users lately. Thus, some of these altcoins are rising at any time unexpectedly. Now, HNT, CVX, and KSM have recently been the talk of the town about raising their levels.

1. Helium (HNT)

Despite the declining market condition, helium (HNT) recorded a significant rise in its price level. In early September, the price of HNT rose to $6 and took a stand at that point. Today in particular, the altcoin HNT is performing a green bullish trend throughout the day.

according to CoinMarketCapThe current market value of helium is $4.59. Additionally, the asset is up 3.48% in the last 24 hours.

2. Convex Financing (CVX)

Over the past couple of days, Convex Finance (CVX) has been sloping high on its level. Despite the market pullback, CVX rose higher, breaking through resistance levels. In fact, CVX is on the rise after the crash of the LUNA in May 2022.

according to CoinMarketCapCVX price stands at $4.89 to trade with a green margin. In the last 24 hours, altcoins have seen a 4.72% increase in their value.

3 – Kusama (KSM)

Over the course of two months, Kusama (KSM) has been experiencing volatility in the market with both bearish and bullish trend. Since the altcoin has been tired of facing a crash for a while, it is currently climbing to the top of the list of gainers. The massive change of origin happened in just one day.

according to CoinMarketCapKusama’s live price is $42.08, up 6.18% over the past 24 hours.

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