LBank Exchange Stands With Crypto Community Amid Market Downturn

Crypto education is booming and LBank, a Top Cryptocurrency Exchange, which ranks as the 12th most valuable bitcoin trading platform, is at its center. The LBank team hosted educational events around the world in August 2022.

LBank has positioned itself on the front lines of generating more interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency among individuals as the nation shows increasing interest in it.

The month began with seminars and training sessions conducted for seventeen (17) blockchain startups that expanded during the second phase of the “Cryptocurrency Accelerator Program.”

With multiple Masterclasses and Twitter spaces covering topics such as “Becoming a Successful Cryptocurrency Trader/Investor”, “Bitcoin Price History Overview and Current Market Trends”, “Cryptocurrency Live Trading,” and “Launchpad & Moonshots Overview,” LBank Africa has had an eventful month.

In addition, Nigeria introduced a program “LBank Campus Legendsor campus ambassadors across many universities. Meanwhile, LBank Philippines hosted an event called “LBank Presents: Crypto, Coffee, and Fun,” which was attended by a large number of the crypto community.

Apart from biweekly live technical analysis workshops, quiz events, and Twitter spaces, LBank Turkey’s seminars and other activities have engaged potential users and crypto enthusiasts and elevate the learning experience.

Its Pakistani community has received many possibilities for learning in addition to awards and rewards. After “well received”View LBankHeld in four Indian cities, the Indian community has been instrumental in the continued advancement of LBank’s education campaign at the grassroots level.

As part of its August events, LBank Tunisia invited its community for several thought-provoking game nights and AMAs as well as free rewards and offers. On the other hand, LBank Indonesia has actively engaged its community by hosting AMAs and online educational events with token initiatives.

Besides the other crypto summits he attended, the global LBank team participated in the recently concluded CoinFest Asia, which was held in Bali from August 25-26, 2022.

In general, the LBank team has been busy in the past few weeks with various events, both online and online. According to the exchange, they are very excited about what’s coming up and can’t wait to share with their communities what they have planned for next month.

About LBank

LBank is the best cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2015 to buy, sell, receive and store bitcoin and other digital currencies. More than 7 million users provide a secure trading platform with minimal transaction fees.

The platform supports more than 800 trading pairs and more than 149 fiat currencies. It provides services around cryptocurrency trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services.

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