LBank partners with Radio Caca to offer users a comprehensive 3D Metaverse

LBank, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a partnership with Radio Caca in the US from the Metaverse (USME) after recently revealing plans to create a virtual headquarters.

The USM metaverse is a 3D planet that will allow users to interact with the LBank ecosystem in the virtual world, thus – connecting physical worlds of exchange to their digital lives seamlessly.

The collaboration will enable users to view and explore LBank’s headquarters in the USM metaverse. Community members can also participate in many social activities, learn and access LBank materials such as photos, movies, and NFTs.

LBank projects will also benefit from this alliance as they will be able to advertise on virtual billboards, which will be located in places with good traffic in the metaverse.

The partnership is one of LBank’s attempts to provide users with the best in cryptocurrency and create an inclusive and progressive ecosystem in which they can participate freely.

As an innovator and believer in Web3, LBank will continue to direct many other projects promoting education that will drive cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption.

To celebrate the conquest into the metaverse, LBank and RACA will be giving away big rewards to fans. Follow LBank and Radio Caca (RACA) on all social media channels to stay up to date on free giveaways.

About LBank Exchange

LBank is a file Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Founded in 2015 to buy, sell, receive and store bitcoin and other digital currencies. More than 7 million users provide a secure trading platform with minimal transaction fees.

The platform supports more than 800 trading pairs and more than 149 fiat currencies. It provides services around cryptocurrency trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services.

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About USM Metaverse

Launched in early 2022, USM.World 3D metaverse United States of Mars (USM) is a rapidly growing Metaverse platform under the Radio Caca ecosystem. It has a million Earths that can accommodate up to a billion people. The system also contains the NFT Marketplace, Metamon World, and the latest MMORPG, the MMORPG MetaCasa.

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