Lillian Finance is a new ‘medical’ digital currency

Lillian Finance LLC – a medical blockchain company – says it’s new Digital currency is working fine Well, having jumped more than 260 percent in recent months. At a time when cryptocurrencies are not in a good position, Lillian Finance is a breath of fresh air.

Lilian Finance is in good standing

The cryptocurrency arena has suffered greatly over the past several months. For example, Bitcoin, the world’s number one digital currency by market capitalization, has lost more than 60 percent from its November 2021 high of about $68,000 per unit. However, the coin is now struggling to maintain a position in the low to mid-$20K position.

Other currencies – such as Ethereum – have followed suit and also lost a bit. Overall, the valuation of the digital currency space has fallen by more than $2 trillion, but Lillian Finance is in the exact opposite situation. The coin is youth-inspired and focused on medical issues. It also prides itself on a charitable atmosphere by allowing individuals to create wealth where it did not exist before.

Brad Petty – founder of Lillian – explained in a recent interview:

Despite the bear market for cryptocurrencies, Lillian delivered everything as promised. Lillian Finance is currently in discussions with a few of the largest medical fintech companies as we continue to develop our medical blockchain solutions and ecosystems. We are also working to list Lillian Finance on a few Tier 1 exchanges in the coming months. Our most recent collaboration is with Brew Labs Inc, a leading cryptocurrency trading and farming company. Lillian has created three storage and farming complexes that have been developed to give Lillian holders the option to generate passive income.

Lillian focuses on many aspects of the medical industry including billing issues, diagnostics, data management, and laboratory work. The project seeks to break down any barriers in the way of new medical knowledge that can be used primarily to save lives and modernize areas of industry that have gone unnoticed in recent years.

Putting Blockchain in a Place It’s Not Normally Seen

The company is seeking to implement blockchain technology in the medical industry so that the space can experience the next generation of financing and see positive change and innovation in the future. The company proves that blockchain is not just a financial technology, but a technology that can be applied in many industries.

Last July, Lilian’s cryptocurrency became available on Shiba Swap, a new cryptocurrency exchange developed by the makers of Shiba Inu. Earnings and the number of account holders have grown exponentially in just the past two months. The company requires all owners of its assets to hold them for five years so that they can give the assets time to grow, and they can experience the most profits.

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