Ms-meta: Create a real Hong Kong Metaverse, promote the combination of Web2 and Web3

Hong Kong, China. Sep 1, 2022- MS-meta, a community-driven decentralized urban ecosystem created by MAXXSAAS (HK) TECH. LIMITED, will launch a beta in early September. MS-meta uses the latest technology to create a dual digital city of Hong Kong in the Metaverse, based on the city’s geomorphological features, as well as its thriving and diverse culture and thriving economy.

In metaverse scenarios, MS-meta uses next-generation modeling and Neural Radiation Field (NeRF) technology to synthesize highly realistic scene renderings with Hong Kong cultural elements, thus perfectly replicating Hong Kong’s King’s Road to the meta metaverse. This brings an immersive experience to the users, while the users enjoy the street scenes of Hong Kong.

MS-meta is not only Web3.0, but a perfect blend of Web2.0 as well.

Currently, MS-meta has established cooperation with some offline merchants in Hong Kong and will continue to attract more local merchants in the near future. Ms-meta will bring more world famous brands to enter, so that users can walk the streets of Hong Kong anytime and anywhere in an immersive way, to see the sights and shop.

In addition to the relevant science, technology, innovation and support authorities, Mei Ah Entertainment, AlipayHK, CMI and AlibabaCloud have established strategic cooperation with MS-meta and provide related core environmental services in the metaverse to enhance infrastructure and improve user experience without latency, comprehensive access to metaverse games, to provide The complete metaverse social and interactive experiences are finally complete.

With the continuous enrichment of the ecosystem in the MS-meta metaverse, more functions such as virtual land, entertainment and live rooms will be available in the future in order to create exceptional gaming and user experiences!

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