Multiplayer Browser – Stack Browser announces the sale of lifetime licenses as NFTs

Collaboration – Stack Browser’s multiplayer browser is planning to sell its lifetime subscription licenses as non-fungible tokens. With this Stack Browser it became one of the first SaaS tools to sell access to the premium version as a primary tool for NFT.

Stack Browser is an inherently collaborative spatial browser with a completely new design, look, and way of organizing and navigating the Internet! It comes with multiplayer rooms, which allows users to have friends, colleagues and web content harmoniously organized in one space.

Stack Browser NFT is the first project that provides access to the most important tool – the browser as the live utility.

“Unfortunately, most NFT projects today are of absolutely no use. The project owners don’t have a real company, team or partners behind them. Sometimes they don’t even have a web page, just a crazy idea of ​​some kind of P2E game in the Metaverse (non-existent). As a result, most NFTs fail. We are seeing ‘rugpulls’ more frequently than real projects, which severely damages the reputation of the entire NFT industry. At Stack Browser we build the NFT project with real value, benefitting its owners from the start” – says David Gavasheli, co-founder of Stack Browser.

Stack Browser NFT owners can have an unlimited number of rooms for organizing web content and collaborative spaces of up to 55 seats. Without purchasing an NFT, these features will cost up to $7,000 per year.

The multiplayer browser is a place where users seamlessly exchange information and build things together.

“At Stack Browser, we believe that a browser can do much more than just a simple gateway to the Internet. If it is well designed, it can become a hub for collaboration between teams”- says Stack Browser co-founder George Laliashvili.

Being multiplayer, Stack Browser allows any application that is non-cooperative in nature, if opened in Stack Browser, to become one. This is because Stack Browser offers the cross-app collaboration layer with all the features that users and the user team might need!

NFT Art – Private Users Index aka Stack Browser Spaceship

Stack Browser NFT Project is a pure NFT tool! But given how strong the team’s appreciation of aesthetic design is, they decided to make something special with NFT art, too.

“The cursor has quickly become a symbol of collaboration and multiplayer, a guidance you use to navigate the web. It is what represents you online and how your peers see you from the other side. And since Stack Browser is the first multiplayer browser, we decided to create 6242 Cursors unique as the art that represents the utility NFT”. Stack Browser co-founder Zviad Sichinava says.

The coolest thing about Stack Browser NFT art is that the user can also set it as a default cursor on their desktop. And since the Stack Browser NFT space supports a multi-cursor experience, anyone who shares the space can also see that their cursor is one of those unique set of 6242!

The team actively posts tops and updates on Twitter. Follow Stack Browser To stay informed!

About Stack Browser

Stack Browser It is the first multiplayer browser for online conscious experiences. With its unique spatial design and concise first navigation, it turns the Internet for users into a place where all their apps, friends and family are harmoniously organized. Stack Browser is a subsidiary of Delaware founded in 2019, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and backed by Moon projectsAnd the peak capitalAnd the wind xAnd the 500 startups.

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