The emergence of “pig slaughter” in Florida

Florida residents being warn again A crypto-romantic scam done under the names “Pig Slaughter” and “Pig Slaughter”. Names alone should be enough to make anyone run away, but for some reason, the scam managed to infiltrate several online dating platforms and social media sites, which means it’s the latest scam of its kind to be fully formed.

New online crypto scam is cool

These types of scams aren’t new, but the fact that they’re so common suggests that there are probably a lot of lonely people out there who cling to someone the moment they think there is an interest in them. It is a sad and unfortunate sight to see, but it is unfortunate that so many of these individuals continue to benefit from it.

The way the scam operates is quite similar to many of the other crypto romance scams that have been exposed in the past few years, says Jimmy Patronis, chief financial officer. Someone meets a potential mate online. Things start out well, they find themselves constantly talking, and then suddenly, one of them suggests to the other that they should start investing in the new crypto opportunity they’ve discovered.

From there, the person – fascinated by the idea of ​​making money and making investments – begins to put his hard-earned money into a crypto wallet that is monitored and controlled by illegal actors. They seem to be getting returns, and therefore, when they are asked to inject more money into the accounts, they do it right away, believing that things can easily get better.

Before they have a chance to respond, the alleged partner is gone completely with all the money that was put into the account. The scammer turns away from a wealthy man or woman, while the potential victim is left with a broken heart, bruised ego, and empty pockets. Patronis explained:

In Florida, we are embracing emerging technology and innovation, but consumers should always stay on the alert for scams, especially as new financial products such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. Reports suggest that cryptocurrency scams have freed millions of unsuspecting crypto investors, many of whom have been scammed by online dating apps over the course of several months. Just as with any major financial decision, consumers should do research and never transfer money to someone they believe is suspicious, untrustworthy, or unverified. You can also kiss your money goodbye. If you feel you are the victim of a scam, report it immediately at Always remember: If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it is.

Florida needs to watch out

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tells people in Florida that they should never mix online dating with investment advice.

Also, scammers will only ask for crypto payments.

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