North Korea attacks the United States after it was described as a criminal organization seeking to steal cryptocurrency

North Korea is not very happy He has been summoned by the United States for its frequent role in cyberattacks designed to steal stolen cryptocurrency funds. The country is home to several hacking groups — including Lazarus, one of the most notorious organizations of its kind — that have allegedly stolen several billion dollars in digital currency over the years as a way to fund its ongoing nuclear program.

North Korea and its long illegal history

The problem started when Anne Neuberger – who serves as the US deputy national security adviser for electronic and emerging technology – said a few weeks ago that North Korea was nothing more than a criminal gang seeking revenue while “in the guise of a state”.

A State Department spokesperson disputed the statement, claiming that the United States had nothing but hostility toward North Korea and that the country was an arrogant bully. The spokesperson – who remained anonymous at the time of this news publication – said in response:

After all, the US administration has revealed the true picture of its most ferocious hostile policy, which was once covered with the veils of “dialogue without restrictions” and “diplomatic engagement”. In the same way, the DPRK will face the United States, the only group of criminals in the world.

North Korea has a long history of involvement in crypto crimes. The country has been regularly caught stealing digital currencies from the United States, Europe and other parts of the world as a way to covertly fund its nuclear missile tests. The nation was recently linked to the attack on the Harmony Exchange in Northern California that saw more than $100 million in digital money disappear overnight.

In addition, the United States recently imposed sanctions on a blender known as Blender. The platform is often used to either launder or illegally launder money. Earlier in the year, Lazarus – one of the country’s most notorious hacking organizations – was sought in connection with a more than $600 million hack that occurred on Axie Infinity Network, an online gaming forum. And the list goes on and on.

What was Virgil thinking?

Finally, the country has also been caught using trade secrets and information from the United States to build on its technical knowledge. This ultimately led to Virgil Griffith’s imprisonment of Ethereum for five years. As a former CEO of one of the world’s leading crypto companies, Griffiths was warned against attending an event in North Korea due to its status as a sanctioned country.

Contrary to the regulators’ advice, Griffith chose to attend anyway and gave a seminar for attendees that showed them how to avoid penalties and other concerns through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This decision proved devastating, as he was arrested upon his return and subsequently sentenced to prison.

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