NuID has launched a Kii Token-fueled ecosystem to enable users to control their digital identity

Georgetown, Cayman Islands – (BUSINESS WIRE) –NuIDa decentralized identity and authentication solution, today announced the launch of the Nu Identity (NuID) ecosystem.

The ecosystem will provide Internet users with the ability to own and control their digital identity using services built on NuID’s foundational zero-knowledge authentication solution.

The Nu Identity Ecosystem is operated by Kii, a new utility token – public sale will begin today. The company is using LATOKEN as a springboard for IEO and will launch the token in partnership with K . Foundation.

Kii token holders will be the first to access the NuID ecosystem, which enables users to choose what metadata they wish to share on the web and with whom they share it. Token holders can use Kii to register their authentication credentials on the public blockchain, issue data certificates, access future identity use cases within the ecosystem and more. This includes but is not limited to KYC and identity verification, credential issuance, healthcare records, digital assets, education credentials, verified claims, and decentralized data storage.

“Such an ecosystem would provide users with the ability to own, control and allow efficient use of identity-related data and allow companies to become ‘consumers’ of these identities and associated metadata versus the other way around. This in turn would increase the volume of privacy-focused interactions on the web,” Locke said. Brown, CEO and founder of NuID.

“We are flipping the dynamics of data ownership, which benefits users and services. Companies do not have to secure huge amounts of user data and users no longer have to share their sensitive and personally identifiable information. In the next few years, massive amounts of personal data and credentials will be represented on Blockchain by a public identifier does not reveal any user data, nor can it be reversibly resolved to the original secret,” adds Ibrahim Batudi, Vice President of Business Development at NuID.

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Tokens should not be identified or construed as a security or financial instrument of any kind and potential buyers should purchase the tokens only for their benefit and in quantities that will actually be used by such buyers for the foreseeable future.


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