ONTPAY (ONTP) is now available for trading on the LBank Exchange

Internet City, Dubai, September 7, 2022 – Global digital asset trading platform, LBank Exchange, incorporated ONTPAY (ONTP) on September 7, 2022. For all LBank Exchange users, the ONTP/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading.

As a cryptocurrency payment system based on blockchain technology, ONTPAY (ONTP) provides a customer payment and reward platform for convenience stores and enhanced perks of online commerce. Its original ONTP token was listed on the LBank Exchange at 16:00 (UTC+8) on September 7, 2022, expanding its global reach and helping it realize its vision.

Introducing ONTPAY

ONTPAY is a cryptocurrency platform used for online and mobile service payments, rewards and transactions. It aims to create a global payment and reward platform for customers for convenience stores and optimized online commerce franchises.

Currently, high fees and late settlement are an issue when paying with a credit card at a franchise store. ONTPAY wants to solve existing problems by combining blockchain technology with a payment system. With cryptocurrency, users can get rewards for low fees, real-time settlement and a portion of the amount used by ONTPAY. It is a business model that satisfies both merchants and users.

There are more than 30,000 convenience stores and many franchises in Korea, and the local department store market is steadily growing amid the rapid change of environment into the single-family era. As one of the first payments to use cryptocurrency, ONTPAY enables ONTP, its native token, to be made through the ONT APP in convenience stores and affiliates across the country, and part of the payment will be rewarded with ONTP again.

In addition, ONTPAY will also provide a service for withdrawing cryptocurrency for cash through ATMs installed in 500,000 convenience stores across the country. It is cheaper than the current fee and can be withdrawn without a card, so anyone can withdraw easily.

By offering a solution to the structural limitations of traditional payment services, ONTPAY improves entry barriers by offering user-friendly platforms and user-friendly interfaces. It simplifies payment processing using blockchain technology and economy of coins with lower fees, and strives to provide a cryptocurrency-based payment solution that can be quickly implemented in the real world by rewarding and withdrawing ONTPAY cash using ATMs in convenience stores nationwide.

About the ONTP token

As the original token of the ONTPAY platform, ONTP is used for payment, compensation and transactions on online and mobile services in the ONTPAY application. Based on ERC-20, the total supply is 300 million (i.e. 300,000,000) tokens, of which 10% is for the sale of tokens, 5% is for early adopters, 10% is for founders and team, and another 10% will be used for marketing, and the remaining 10% will be used for marketing. Save 50% for bonuses, the remaining 15% is reserved.

ONTP token listed on LBank Exchange at 16:00 (UTC+8) on September 7, 2022, investors interested in investing ONTPAY can buy and sell ONTP token on LBank Exchange now. The inclusion of the ONTP token in the LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it to further expand its business and attract more interest in the market.

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LBank is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, which was established in 2015. It offers specialized financial derivatives, specialized asset management services, and secure cryptocurrency trading to its users. The platform accommodates more than 7 million users from more than 210 regions worldwide. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the safety of users’ funds and aims to contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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