Flyers, rest assured! AI can now confer sovereignty on aircraft systems.


The airline industry struggles with flight delays, unexpected rush of passengers, and flight safety – issues that are all closely related and caused by a shortage of pilots. To solve all the problems at once, Airbus, a premium airline, is betting heavily on artificial intelligence. In partnership with Acubed, the innovation hub in Silicon Valley, Airbus is working on its own Wayfinder project. This project aims to develop autonomous flight solutions powered by machine learning for next generation aircraft. It aims to build scalable and reliable autonomy systems to develop applications for self-guided aircraft for single-pilot operations. Although Wayfinders focuses on self-guided aircraft, its immediate goal remains to ensure the safety of the aircraft.

The project aims to automate certain functions compatible with single-pilot commercial flights with the ability to be aware of the environment to make decisions like a professional pilot. In order to achieve this, the Wayfinder team uses a statistical model to enable the AI ​​system to learn abstract behavior from large data sets. Although Wayfinder seems very optimistic about the project, as it could change the way urban mobility is planned, it has some drawbacks. According to Airbus in one of its blogs, the main challenge it currently faces is dealing with the complexity of aircraft data. Designing independent features requires data from all kinds of conditions such as takeoffs, landings, day and night conditions, snowstorms, and datasets from thousands of different airports. Airbus’ ultimate goal is to launch a ready-to-use product rather than stop at developing a proof of concept.

Another pilot, rest assured! AI can now confer sovereignty on aircraft systems. first appeared.

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