PIP Offers Binance Ecosystem Tokens to Boost Payments on the Web 3

The payment solution will include Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) stable payments to its users via the PIP Extension integration.

digital payment solution, PIP It finally launched its services in the Binance ecosystem, becoming the latest blockchain to join the platform. According to the team’s statement this Tuesday, the web3 payment solutions provider will begin supporting BNB and BUSD settled payments via its platform, allowing Binance Smart Chain users to make payments on their favorite social media platforms. The PIP Extension product will provide the platform with the advanced service needed to connect Web 3 payments to connected Web 2 systems.

The browser-based PIP extension integration aims to capture the attention of millions of users of the Binance ecosystem, creating a channel for them to conduct simplified and cost-effective transactions using cryptography. With cryptocurrency adoption rates on the rise, PIP aims to help see micro-economic transactions on the blockchain by creating a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that breaks down barriers for billions of social media users around the world.

“We believe that PIP will help $17 billion of dollars in expansion beyond the trading pair into a global payment medium, and the micro-payments economy flourishing,” said Jeff Pike, CEO and Co-Founder of PIP, of the latest integration of Binance’s ecosystem.

To date, PIP boasts of more than 60 thousand users on the platform and more than 15 million dollars in cryptocurrency transferred on its platform. This huge rise lies in the ease of handling on the platform and connecting to social media that helps users monetize their content. Simply put, PIP aims to reduce the complexity and cost of crypto transactions by offering simple payment methods that anyone can use including PIP Extension, PIP Button, PIP.ME and more.

To initiate transactions, users need to create a simple and unique PIP tag (reflecting their wallet address) and then connect it to a supported social media account like Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, etc. Once connected, the user shares their tag and can receive payments, donations and tips directly from their social media accounts. By sharing tags, users do not need to remember long wallet addresses, which simplifies the entire end-to-end process of sending payments, both micro and macro, at an affordable cost.

In addition, social media users who sell products or services can also receive payments and tips for their products seamlessly. This provides the user with a comprehensive monetization channel directly on their social media. Also, they can harness the power of blockchain technology by sharing their tags on their social media profiles, providing a more cost-effective and simple way to exchange values ​​between them compared to legacy services. Although, PIP also allows users who do not have a PIP account to participate, and accept transactions through an escrow-based payment system.

Apart from the PIP Extension product, PIP also provides users with a PIP Button, which is a push button that is easy to create and can be embedded in any website, HTML or React. PIP Button is designed to help monetization and payments on online services by allowing non-programmers to create and customize their own payment button and choose the cryptocurrencies they wish to receive.

In the near future, PIP plans to add Binance tokens to the PIP button and PIP.ME, a free Web3 profile that allows users to connect with audiences and accept payments. PIP.ME is a 3 web link that can be customized and shared to start accepting payments, offering or marketing digital assets such as NFTs, as well as sharing content. Finally, PIP also plans to “add other consumer-focused Web3 services to its suite” including support for other blockchains, tokens, and social media platforms.

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