Pixie is revolutionizing the social network with the launch of a new app version

as the first world fully functional The blockchain-based photo and video sharing social network, Pixie attracted huge interest when it was first launched and has steadily accumulated over 200,000 users since then.

Birth pixie Revolutionary because it uses blockchain to achieve what traditional social networks cannot offer, namely 1) giving users ownership of their data; 2) Creating an “innovative crypto-economy” model that motivates users to constantly maintain the ecosystem.

Recently, Pixie launched its version 2.0 app (now available on Appstore and Googleplay) and pushed this project to another level. With more than 20 thousand daily active users and 7 million shares on the platform, Pixie has become one of the largest social networks in the era of Web3 and the standard of the SocialFi project.

So, no wonder it sparked curiosity: How is Pixie 2.0 different from the original version and what new features are added? lets take alook.

Version 2.0 of Pixie

With the release of the latest version of Pixie2.0, the Pixie app has introduced a series of new functions to improve the user experience while creating a closer connection between the world of Web2 and Web3. This new version is designed to be more in line with the core concept of Web3. Pixie2.0 will also introduce a series of NFT cameras and user credit system to provide users with a better social experience. These changes will allow users to participate more actively in interaction with other users and benefit from their participation.


NFT is the most exciting component of this update. The use of NFT spreads across many features and functions. Through NFT technology, Pixie users will get all rights in their digital content such as ownership rights, control rights, transaction rights, revenue sharing rights, etc. Moreover, users will soon be able to view their Ethereum NFT assets in Pixie and share their NFT with other users while earning PIX rewards accordingly. pixie It believes that the current social ecosystem and user social behaviors will compensate for the shortcomings of the current NFT market. Such as the inability to better share and showcase NFTs in existing markets (eg Opensea).

The way to sign in has also been modified slightly since this update. Users can log in using the traditional Web2 method such as email or log in with their crypto wallet. Users can easily create NFTs through Pixie Chain or import NFTs from Ethereum or Polygon.

When users plug their web3 address into Pixie, all of their NFT assets will be displayed and they can publish NFTs with the click of a button. Pixie makes your NFT avatar more credible. When users set their NFT as an avatar, others can directly verify their NFT avatar through the NFT certificate and blockchain explorer with a single click.

NFT Genesis cameras

In addition to being able to import NFTs into the Pixie app, Pixie has also created its own NFT cameras (Genesis Camera Series) as the building blocks for the future DAO mechanism and SocialFi experience.

Several NFT cameras have been minted that follow the ERC721 standards, which are necessary for users to earn PIX in the Pixie platform. NFT cameras include “NFT Entry Camera” and “NFT Genesis Cameras”. The quantity of NFT Genesis cameras is limited.

Users need at least an entry cam to conduct social activities to earn the Basic PIX Reward (BPR). Users can also purchase Genesis Cameras to earn more PIX rewards. In addition, NFT Genesis cameras provide more voting powers for users to build an excellent Web3 social network platform under the DAO mechanism. All NFT cameras in Pixie can be purchased, listed and sold on the NFT Marketplace in the Pixie app. Each entry cam and Genesis cams have four parameters for weight, power cap, speed and rating, corresponding to different entitlements.

credit system

The introduction of the new credit system aims to improve the organization and governance of the Pixie community. Once implemented, the system can assess the user’s social behaviors and contribution to society in a more comprehensive way. Furthermore, the PIX rewards that a user can obtain will be determined by a combination of Genesis Camera (or Early Bird Badge), its characteristics (weight, power cap, DAO sounds), and the user’s credit rating.

Pixie encourages users to create high quality original content for higher rewards. These factors will also be integrated into the credit system, which means that the quality and originality of the user’s published content will affect the credit rating.

Upgrading and expanding features on Pixie never ends. The release of version 2.0 is just the beginning of the growth of this project. Pixie officially announced the listing time at the top of CEX a few days ago. In the next few months, the number of users on Pixie is expected to grow exponentially and the quality of the app will, of course, only increase.

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