Playdapp & Mikey NFT stand out in the bustling NFT market and sell out within three hours

Seoul, South Korea, September 22, 2022, Chinwire

The NFT market invites NFT investors to grab the super-successful NFT ahead of the launch of new game “champions” that will provide exclusive access to existing NFT holders.

Once the Blockchain gaming platform and NFT Marketplace, PlayDapp, launched the non-fungible token (NFT) suite ‘PlayDapp Members + Mikey NFT’, the full set of 10,000 free NFTs sold out within three hours. The group included DJ Mikey, a badass teenage red panda who triumphs on his way to Superstar DJ status.

PlayDapp + Mikey NFT group members traded on the market from September 6-18, 2022, bringing the transaction volume to $17,296. With Mikey NFT’s daily minimum price starting at $4.39 during its launch time, its ground price rose to $5.91, which is a 34.6% increase on its last trading day. A total of 3,992 NFTs were transferred or sold.

With the success of PlayDapp + members of the Mikey NFT group, the PlayDapp team hopes that NFT fans will join the community and start the exclusive club before the start of the main tool and NFTs feature with the soft launch of the latest casual game. Tournaments on September 26th that will bring a world of privileges to NFT holders.

NFT holders of PlayDapp are given special access to game tournaments where they will receive more token rewards worth $ PLA, the Ethereum token that powers PlayDapp, compared to NFT holders. Furthermore, PlayDapp NFT holders are given more chances to play the game than non-NFT holders which means that previous players will likely get more chances to try and win PLA$ prizes.

“We have crossed the moon to sell our NFT range in just 3 hours. What started as a free NFT has added market value making it one of our best sellers,” says Peter Song, Head of Global Marketing at PlayDapp. “It’s a very exciting time,” he says. For us, now we can’t wait to bring our new gaming tournaments to market that will boost demand for NFTs and make them even more valuable.”

About PlayDapp:

PlayDapp is a global provider of blockchain middleware that provides companies across many different industries the opportunity to integrate blockchain technology into their business models and easily convert their assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). PlayDapp’s blockchain-based C2C marketplace allows players and users to freely buy, sell and trade their digital assets with each other.

To purchase PlayDapp + Mikey NFT members, please click on the link over here.

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PlayDapp is the source for this content. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


Global Marketing Head

  • Peter Song
  • PlayDapp

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