Polygon rises 170% as top-tier brands choose them as their preferred partner

Polygon’s best days are yet to come.

Amidst a bearish crypto winter and all the gloom and gloom about cryptocurrencies and the future of NFT, polygon technique It was a hot summer. Since hitting its lowest level in June, it has risen over 170% to $0.87 (Matic -0.52%). While we’ve seen a huge following, it’s still early days for the EVM-compatible series, with its best days still ahead.

Earlier this year, Polygon raised $450 million in its latest funding round, with a market capitalization of about $13 billion, to expand its portfolio of Ethereum scaling solutions and work to attract traditional brands and the larger ecosystem of blockchain developers. This funding round was led by Sequoia Capital India and included big names such as SoftBank, Tiger Global and Animoca Brands, among other 20 companies. They’ve cashed in their money ever since.

Polygon, the preferred partner for top-tier brands

In the past few months, we’ve seen Family Names collaborating with Polygon, and leveraging their technology to access Web3. Top-tier brands like Coca-Cola (The Coca-Cola Company + 0.35%)Reddit and Starbucks (Spox + 6.10%They launched NFTs and, in the case of Starbucks, launched an NFT-based loyalty program within the network.

Polygon, who counts Mark Cuban among its backers, is also targeting the burgeoning gaming industry, and we’re seeing young and up-and-coming gaming companies like JEDSTAR GAMES They recently launched their Dynamic NFTs or, more accurately, Polygon Network (Semi-Fungal Token) SFTs, available on both the original Marketplace Agora Market And the open sea.

Entering a bull market

It is clear that we are still in the midst of a bear market, and most crypto projects including Polygon and JEDSTAR Gaming are still below all-time highs. But the flexible and consistent delivery of these projects over the past few months shows that the crypto winter may be thawing.

In fact, despite market conditions, things look very optimistic for projects like JEDSTAR Gaming, which recently launched charge application to earn for players Silvervolta native NFT marketplace, P2E game and the much awaited staking platform that will reward JED holders (Jordan + 2.8%) With regular passive income.

With performance metrics and a growing list of notable partnerships, Polygon and JEDSTAR Gaming appear to be solid bets to return to or exceed previous highs as the market recovers.

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