Post Voyager announces the launch of Jellyme, the NFT Marketplace of the MOOI Network

Singapore, Singapore, August 23, 2022, Chenwire

POST VOYAGER, the blockchain arm of Japanese mobile gaming powerhouse Cocone and developer of the MOOI network, announced on Monday the launch of the Non-Foldable Token (NFT) market, Jelemy.

Jellyme is described as “a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows users of the MOOI network to enjoy NFTs, primarily in-game assets or characters, by owning full ownership of their NFTs.” The NFTs traded on the platform can be stored in the MOOI wallet and all transactions will be facilitated using MOOI tokens, which are the governance code for the MOOI network.

The first set of items that will debut on Jellyme will be NFTs from Meta Livly, the first game to launch on the MOOI network. Meta Livly NFTs are described as a combination of several elements, so the value of an NFT depends on the individual value of the elements that compose it. Users can get game items from the gacha within the Meta Livly, and combine them with NFTs. After the NFT is created, users can transact with them on Jellyme.

“The launch of Jellyme will help expand the MOOI network ecosystem, connect game users, and enable them to realize the value of the in-game assets they own,” said a source from Post Voyager. According to the same source, Post Voyager expects at least 100,000 NFTs to be traded on Jellyme by the end of the year as 4 more blockchain games are waiting to be launched on the MOOI network in the second half of 2022.

About Post Voyager

POST VOYAGER is a subsidiary of the IP giant, Cocone (stylized as Partner), headquartered in Japan as a leading publisher of mobile games. Cocone Game Apps specializes in a type of avatar game known as CCP, which is a character coordination game. With over 20 different services spanning over 129 million cumulative users, Cocone is on the right track to transform existing successful games into blockchain games. POST VOYAGER was created to support the creation of a blockchain infrastructure tailored to the Fi game and has been practicing its expertise since 2019. With this goal in mind, POST VOYAGER has created a blockchain network called “MOOI Network” that will host games from cocone as well as create a metaverse for new and upcoming projects. MOOI Network plans to release 4 new blockchain games this year and has plans to release more in the upcoming future.

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